Onegai Teacher TV Episode 1-5 Fanservice Review

Secret marriage to an alien sensei

Onegai Teacher (2002) is about a sexy alien agent disguised as a teacher who falls in love with a high school student who was suspended in a coma for three years because he faints when he’s sad. Sound contrived? It is. Said alien teacher is top tier waifu material and the reason for this post. Episodes 1-4 are fairly light on service, then episode 5 goes to the beach and things escalate from there.

Episode 1

Koishi is the spurned platonic friend found in nearly all school life anime romances. She will desperately send Kei signals that she wants to fuck and he will be oblivious to them all.

Kei has a rare disease called “standstill” that causes his body to shut down when stressed. Lying on top of his hot sensei was too much for his virgin heart to handle.

Episode 2

one of several kiss interruptions in these episodes. saving it for later I suppose.

Kei and sensei are encouraged to get married in secrecy by a high school principle and two foster parents.  The convenient loophole to avoid statutory rape charges is that Kei is older than his appearance because his disease caused him to slip into a coma for three years. Only in anime.

Episode Four

Episode Five

Beach episode. Most of the service is here.

The loli representative of onegai sensei. She is entirely aware of how the characters feel about one another and tries to progress the relationships through manipulation.

Sensei hands Kei the card to their room in an obvious invitation to do lewd stuff together.

my attempts at removing the fog –

Damn. Surely Kei will accept the invitation and tap that?

Sensei is felt up by one of Kei’s classmates who grabbed the wrong keycard. He fell asleep immediately after getting into bed and groped his teacher in his sleep. He has already done more with sensei than her own husband that lives with her.

Kei hears sensei scream from miles away and runs to her aid, leaving behind the spurned childhood friend.

Meanwhile in another room, two of the other group members hook up. Kaede think she’s still dreaming and unknowingly confesses her love to a very awake Hyosuke.


Sensei tells Kei she was fondled by a stranger. Kei says “that’s it? you had me worried”. Perhaps the lamest romance protag in the history of lame romance protags. Why sensei puts up with him is unclear at the moment.

Mizuha-sensei’s design and demeanor carries this show on her back. So good that even a god awful MC can’t ruin the show. Kei doesn’t deserve the attention of the girls who compete over his affecttion, and their love for Kei doesn’t feel genuine when there’s nothing about him that is apparently appealing. but none of that really matters for the purposes of these reviews so long sensei continues to provide moments worthy of media. I haven’t seen the rest of the episodes to confirm, so hopefully that is the case. Episodes 6-10 will be next, and then the finale plus the OVA.

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