Ishuzoku Reviewers fanservice review episode 8


Roleplaying and a sixty floor tower.


After two weeks of subpar episodes we finally get a decent one again with nudity back in full force. Also they finally do something in the show that we have yet to see till this point. So we at last have something on the level of episode 3 again finally.


Everyone has gone to a roleplay brothel and as such are playing the role of happy happyists from earthbound only in white hoods instead of blue. Surely they are not meant to be something else like part of a spanish catholic brotherhood with robes and a capirote or dressed in the robes of some other group here in the US. No because this is a roleplay brothel they thus need to dress like something from a roleplaying game hence they choose earthbound. See I’m a genius. The girls are dressed like knights that are being interrogated as Crim stops everyone as he doesn’t like doing that setup.

Why couldn’t she be the one getting fucked. And by that I mean doing the fucking. It’s a roleplay brothel so you should be playing the role of the prisoner instead as she rapes you. I already know who I would rescue from that jail and make my medieval waifu.

After Kanchel yells at one of the girls for not acting correctly the receptionist comes in and explains things to everyone. They are allowed to pick any of the girls during the interrogation phase and then take them back to a private room to go further. So each person picks who they want and they leave.

I sure do love it when bitches move halfway while the camera is panning thus making doing a stitch of the scene impossible.

It figures the first time we get this in the show and it ends up being during a fake rape. This is the first time we finally get actual sex in the show in which you can clearly tell it is sex between a man and woman happening and not this weak pretend it’s sex stuff we have had so far. In all the previous episodes we would either get the girl laying on a bed naked and posing or a girl making a sex pose and either remaining static or would be humping the air with no actual guy visible in the scene. Even in the ED one could argue the girls are humping the air as well. It took them 8 episodes to finally give us an actual sex scene where you can clearly see the guy fucking the girl and not some symbolism thing or left ambiguous.

I have never got why people are into this. Sure in this case it’s fake wax but some people do actually do this with the real damaging stuff and it makes no sense. Seriously why would you want to scar up a girl’s ass? That is like getting a new car and then keying the thing on purpose.

Everyone gives their review of the place and leave as they are told about the different weekly themes they have coming up that the brothel does to encourage people to return. Later the girls are all discussing what they should do next week for a theme.

Stunk and the others are looking at a quest request they got that is worth so much money they can’t turn it down. The bad side to the quest though is that they will have to spend a week away from a town and thus will have no chance of visiting any brothels during the time. As a result they decide to head to the succubu tower brothel where they will get drained to the point they won’t even think of sex for a week or more after. They also remember Crim has never been to one so they take him along with them.

60 floors all filled with succubi in them. You know how much xp that is for you to get if you just went in and killed everything inside while aiming for the treasure at the top floor not to mention all the gold scattered throughout. You don’t present a large tower with multiple floors and not expect my rougelike instincts to encourage me to just lay waste to everything inside. Also multifloor towers remind me of azure dreams which konami should bring back but won’t. Comes back as a pachinko game.  A glasses succubus and no one picked her. What the fuck are you doing? I can’t relate to any of these characters.

After arriving, the receptionist asks what they want and Stunk gives a specific order as multiple succubi matching his description appear for him to choose. Crim is surprised by this as they explain to him how succubi can change how they look to meet requirements and to top it off the tower is filled with so many that no matter your description they probably have it.

After each person selects who they want as even more customers come in asking for specific descriptions as well that leaves only Crim left to decide. He randomly picks from the bunch as he has too many options and they leave.

I also so love it when bitches ruin webms by having text scroll at the bottom of the screen during the important parts.

Sure it’s only mayonnaise in this situation but this ruins hentai so much for me when it happens. I hate the girls being covered in cum. I don’t want to fap to that.

Crim gets completely drained though it is shown as a mayonnaise bottle instead of his actual dick for obvious reasons. Have to feel sorry for the girl as eating a whole bottle of mayonnaise by itself has got to be one of the most nasty things you could consume on it’s own condiment wise. A whole bottle of say mustard or ketchup wouldn’t be so bad but mayonnaise fuck that. Mayonnaise in japan is different from what we have but I can’t imagine it being better to eat by itself. Seriously picture yourself taking a spoon and having to eat a whole jar like soup. Would probably puke before finishing it assuming it doesn’t kill you. Sucking an angel dick would probably be easier and a better choice. After everyone leaves they are completely drained and they ignore all other prostitutes trying to get them to come visit their place because of how depleted they are.


Are you serious? I just got done complaining about this exact same thing last week in my post for the final episode of Overflow. In case you never read those posts there were two specific issues I had at various points in the show and this scene contains both. The first is reusing the exact same positions multiple times either in the same episode or for the same girl in different scenes. Repeating is fine if you have multiple girls and include multiple different ones for each girl along with that repeat but if you are only going to do one position per girl you best not use the same exact one for each girl and not changing it up. This is the second time we finally get to see actual on screen sex in this show as opposed to the other stuff used instead like symbolism, etc,  which I mentioned earlier in the post. So we have at last started to get on screen sex and both times are the exact same position, what a waste.

Secondly and this was the big issue I took with the final episode of Overflow last week and that is using sex positions that don’t utilize that girl’s best features. The girl Stunk picked was a large breasted succubus and yet we see her fucked in a position where we don’t see her breasts. The fuck is this? In the first scene you can barely see them as the scene is cropped and in the other you don’t see them at all. Her main appeal was having large breasts and yet in both of these angles of her we can’t see them so what was the point in her being large breasted. Overflow pulled this as well by giving little view of the girl’s breasts in the final episode despite that being her best feature. Why can’t director’s put my level of autism into planning out sex scenes in works and what to use.

Everyone gives their reviews of the place as Crim acts differently while working because of how depleted he is. Then after the credits we get professor oak talking about math jokes and fuck math who cares show titties instead. And with that the episode ends.



WebM Album.



After episode 3 all the episodes up till now have paled in comparison so it was nice to finally have one that was on that level again. Even better that they finally showed actual sex happening on screen between a male and a female instead of this fake out stuff we had gotten previously where what was happening was ambiguous or symbolically censored ruining the immersion. The closest we had gotten before to this was during episode 3 with Crim but that was the gender swap one so it was more along the lines of futa/female instead of male/female like this was. There is however one annoying problem that is still presenting itself though and that is how not all reviews are treated equally in the episode.

For the first half of the episode the review by Zel was obviously the best one since it showed sex happening while the other 3 either were tame or in the case of Crim’s showed almost nothing. Meanwhile in the second half the review by Stunk was clearly the best one as it also showed sex while the other 3 had their reviews consist of just a single static image of the girl on a bed. Crim’s review being that lame could be ignored though since he got that long scene during the actual act instead but for the other two they got screwed over hard with barely anything. If every review was treated the same way the Zel and Stunk reviews were in this episode then the show really would had been something special. But doing this inconsistency in the different reviews ends up being really glaring as you can’t help but think “Why couldn’t they had did it like the other ones?” when watching. Even worse when the girl in the episode you like the most ends up getting one of these lazier static image reviews instead of the better animated ones given to only a few. Would be nice if this was changed on BD either because they didn’t have time to animate all of them for tv airing or deliberately did it to shill the BD but at this point that is just wishful thinking and until the first comes out giving an idea on changes I’m not going to get expectations up.

Hopefully the remaining 4 episodes improve on this and we get all the reviews being on equal quality. More importantly hoping they actually keep sex scenes in at least one of the reviews each episode from here on out as the show desperately needed it to happen. This was a show all about sex yet it wasn’t until the show was 2/3rds over that they finally started to really show it rather than tell about it. Had the whole show been episodes like this one and episode 3 it would had immensely improved setting it apart from other shows rather than only occasionally throwing us episodes like this. Next week looks to be the castlevania episode with the undead chapter. Interestingly the second half of the title says something about other reviewers which makes me wonder if this is going to be one of the chapters from volume 3. In volume 3 there is a chapter where a rival guy fucks the whole liliam brothel and survives and then fucks the receptionist after while doing his own reviews. I’m wondering if the title might be implying that chapter which means they would be skipping ahead a bit. Or maybe it will be one of the bonus chapters that show some of the other reviewers they have had with them before or maybe even an original episode who knows. The mage chapter will probably be the end so it wouldn’t be surprising if they start digging into volume 3 chapters now and rearranging them due to wanting to keep that as the end. Guess we will know next week.

This month’s hentai are all out and the title I wanted the most did indeed keep the reverse rape scene in and had it for episode 1 despite not showing screens of it or in the pv. Wish I had known as then I would had included more source images of the reverse rape part in the post. The whole thing still pissed me off though. Not only did the villain woman keep her top on which is just a personal complaint since it was like that in the manga and was hoping they would change it. But the main issue is that they give worse angles than the manga. Seriously most of the scene is focused on her ass so what’s the point. We only get to see one part of her actually riding him and most of it is blocked off by the other girl while the manga showed much more. Figures they ruined it. We really need more evil female reverse rape scenes.