Nekopara TV Episode 7-8 Fanservice Review

All tease no action

If you’ve been watching Nekopara you know what to expect by now. Lots of teasing that leads to nothing, Azuki and Coconut fighting, Cinnamon squirting herself, the usual cute cat girls doing cute cat girl things set up.

Episode Seven

It’s storming outside so the catgirls have to find a way to amuse themselves. Telling each other stories that are loosely inspired by popular fairy tales is how they manage to do so

Predictably the kiss scene is interrupted. Too hot for TV Nekopara. This might be the closest Nekopara gets to having an intimacy scene.

Episode Eight

Something is bothering Shigure. The catgirls try to cheer her up through various methods none of which actually work. The highlight of the episode is Coconut kneeling in front of a fan.

I think Coconut should get a persona fan for Christmas.

the catgirls think Shigure is depressed because she hasn’t spent enough time with her oni-chan lately. So they try to set her up as a maid in the cafe. It goes poorly but she looks cute anyways. Credit to Ares02 for the stitches of Shigure in maidform.

SN: Shigure is the only girl Kashou hasn’t banged yet in the visual novel. It is assumed that we’ll see that happen in the next volume.

turns out all Shigure needed to cheer her up was the catgirls embrace. She pretty much raised them as children so they look to her as a mother figure. It’s a wholesome episode, but not good for fanservice as has been the pattern for this season.

Sixty images and seven webms across two episodes. By comparison I get 30+ webms and 120ish images from Kiss x Sis posts per episode, 20+ webms and 90ish images from Jet Girls posts. This was obviously not a great choice to do ecchi reviews on. Four weeks left. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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