Ishuzoku Reviewers fanservice review episode 9


What is a man?


This week is the undead girls chapter and the setup for the mage girl chapter next week. We also get some original content added in during the second half to serve as filler since only the first half of the episode involves the group going to a brothel so they needed something else to pad the second half out.


 Best part of the episode.

Everyone notices that Stunk and Zel have been away for a while on a quest and are waiting for them to come back and post a review. Meanwhile Stunk and the others finish up their job of delivering a new coffin to the count. The count mentions how Zel’s party members are always different whenever he sees him due to Zel’s age and needing to replace his companions who grow too old. Zel also gives the count a gift of a nude picture of a yukionna saying how he knows he will like having something like that in his castle. In other word much like how dracula fills his castle with nude status and paintings so does this guy.

Just saying but if you could own any location from a videogame the best one would be dracula’s castle. Not only is it filled with naked statues but you also have a large amount of female monsters in it as part of your harem that comes along with it. Thinking about it and not counting the succubus since that would be unfair as she would win easily in a best contest and also is a boss fight rather than a traditional enemy (ignoring the lesser enemy ones from later games) but out of the normal standard monsters I would probably want to fuck the venus weed/alura urn enemies the most out of the harem of female monsters in dracula’s castle.  You know what goes here. YOU KNOW what should be said at this image.

Stunk wants to hurry and leave now that their job is done so they can go to a brothel. The count when hearing this mentions there is an undead one nearby that he uses and they head off to go to it.


After arriving they begin to pick out the girls they want. Brooz is unable to pick one of them due to his smell so his only options are a skeleton which has no vagina or a ghost that can’t do anything to him (which is bullshit as the first ghostbusters movie proves you can still get ghost blowjobs). Stunk doesn’t like the options and asks if he can have the zombie girl receptionist and she agrees since no one is really going to come by that the desk is needed. Zel then takes one of the jumping zombies while the count takes a vampire girl.

It’s so hard to tell if this is just inconsistency with the show or deliberate censorship to shill for the BDs. They had no problem showing sex last week but sure enough here we are back with the “sex” part of the review consisting of static image pans of nudity then some face close ups and then ambiguous movement of a zoomed in body part which could either be sex or any number of things.

Everyone gives their review of the place as they head back to town so they can post it. Meanwhile Crim has just left a place he went to on his own without the others.

A witch that looks like that and not being able to fuck her feels like a waste. Might as well be a blueball brothel since you only get slime tentacle raped instead of getting to fuck her.

Brooz leaves to find the prostitute he usually visits so he can get rid of his memories of the skeleton girl. The others ask Crim about the brothel he went to on his own and they read his review of the place. When they mention how he has become like them searching out brothels he shows them a stack of reviews from other taverns that have other reviewers reviewing places and that is where he got the idea to go to it from.

Stunk and Zell get pissed at copycats doing what they are doing but decide to read through some of the places to see if there are any good ones. We then get some anime original content when they read about a porn director reviewing one.

I don’t care about lolis and furries so I would rather see her getting fucked instead.

They read about how a female porn directer has started going to brothels now and seems to be hiring the girls to fuck so she can watch and record it. You don’t actually get to see it so most of this scene doesn’t give much of the actual act except for the director fingering herself wile watching.

As they are reading the reviews they discover a place that gets perfect scores from all the other reviewers that have been there. Curious about it they decide to go only to realize how far away the town is. Kanchal then arrives with some centaurs to use for traveling after hearing about it and tells them they can use those to travel there. Stunk and the others decide to head to the magic town while bringing Crim along with them.


We then get a short after credits part with the witch from before and the old woman and with that the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Hard to tell if they plan on getting into volume 3 at all or if they might be planning something anime original for the remainder of the show after next week. This week they obviously didn’t have enough to cover the full episode length so we got that extended anime original scene with the female porn director. This episode sets things up for Demia to be the next episode whom could be considered the final boss of sorts due to various things involving her which is the only time a form of plot starts to show itself in the series. Since her chapter actually lasts two chapters they seem to be spending the whole episode on it which makes sense considering the amount of content they will have to cover and hopefully add.

The only time so far we have had something where the entire episode was dedicated to a single story was episode 3 where they had to spend the entire episode on it due to it’s length. So hopefully the next episode is on that level as well considering they have a lot of opportunities to use with this chapter to add content. As for what is next after that is the mystery. Naturally volume 3 would make sense but with only 2 episodes left after next week they won’t be able to finish volume 3 so they will either have to settle for one of the chapters in there to end it on and make it feel like an ending or maybe do something original since we have seen with this episode they are willing to do a lengthy anime only scene. The new years chapter from volume 3 seems like the most sensible due to the fact that it involves some of the girls from previous chapters showing up again and I could see them maybe modifying this to include more. Since this isn’t a series that relies on story though it does leave the door open for them to just do whatever they want after finishing volume 2 up next week. Just have to wait and see.

Only reason I didn’t complain about this episode this week was because of the castlevania feel at the start. Most people know by now if they read all of my posts that I have at least mentioned castlevania being my favorite series so obviously I’m not able to complain this week. Plus I use Richter as my main in Smash or at least until Phoenix gets announced with an Edgeworth echo fighter. Sakurai clearly reads these and will do it. It would also motivate me to finish my post on the service from the anime. So hurry up an announce him so I can have a fitting time to make that post.