White Album Fanservice Review

The Story of a Pimp Named Touya

White Album was originally a visual novel made by Leaf in 1998,  later to be adapted into a 26 episode TV series that explores the secret relationships of an unfaithful partner. It is one of the few anime romances that shows a male lead not afraid to thoroughly entertain his entire harem.

But as great as an indiscriminate loving harem MC sounds for fanservice purposes, White Album is not an ecchi. It does not have an abundance of eye catches, accidental panty shots, anything the sort that is typically posted on fapservice. Almost all of the characters are college aged (if not older) wearing business casual attire and conducting themselves in a professional manner publicly. It’s what happens in privacy, and the rampant deceit by the MC Touya that drives a lot of the sensuality. As a bonus, if you happen to be into mild NTR this is solid stuff.

This is Yuki, Touya’s adorable high school sweetheart. She has aspirations to become an idol singer and moves to a location to achieve that goal. They try to maintain a close relationship in spite of career differences, but are slowly separated by distance and forces that do not wish to see them together.

The temptation of infidelity begins when Rina, a worldwide famous idol singer, asks for his number. He obliges.

Shinozuka, Yuki’s hot manager, bribes Touya with sex to stop seeing his girlfriend to allow her to focus on her career. He obliges.


nowhere is safe

The ice queen Shinozuka is best girl, needless to say. She becomes so addicted to Touya’s dick that she creates random excuses just to sleep with him, forgetting her initial motivations.

Touya, now a past a point of no return having violated the trust of his relationship, makes moves on other girls as well. Starting with one of his peers who his best friend is in love with.

his tomboyish childhood friend, who just so happens to provide the only instance of nudity in the show (of the bare ass variety)


Touya pusses out initially. Then realizes he’s a sleazebag at heart and bags her.

and eventually, the final boss Rina who is beyond stressed out by her idol responsibilities. Seeks relief through Touya who everyone seems to want some action from.

there is a third idol girl who is not a member of Touya’s sex harem, unfortunate considering she has the hottest design and eyes that scream “fuck me”

and a loli representative who doesn’t receive anything further than a one sided, off screen kiss

Yuki eventually finds out her boyfriend has been banging every girl that has walked past him in recent months and cracks. Her manager, also having a mental breakdown due to stress, kisses her to which she does not object to initially.

there’s more from the show in terms of character development and the conclusion,  but this is all that I can post that relates to fanservice. This may not be the cup of tea for most readers I suspect, being neither nude nor even ecchi, but if you are invested in the characters and the drama of a relationship gone haywire then otherwise mundane scenes can become meaningful, packed with erotic charm. What is missing from most of the gifs above is the music – all somber piano pieces that help accentuate the guilt that Touya feels.

here is some bonus material from 20th anniversary artbook. A bit more risque than the actual TV series, mostly featuring Rina

source – https://e-hentai.org/g/1224404/c4b1defe3c/

White Album 2 may be on the horizon for a review. It has more fanservice and the characters are younger, more prone to random ecchi shenanigans like walking in on a girl wearing nothing but a towel and an onsen bathing scene. There is of course the famous sex scene between Touma and Haruki that is worth covering as well.

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