Tsugumomo Fanservice Review OVA

That bitch don’t wanna be friends, aye
I gave her dick, she got mad, aye

I hate coming up with a hook. So just gonna toss some bars from one of the most talented musician of this era. All jokes aside, I don’t listen to said musician, nor like his music. Only using this song’s lyrics because of how hilariously bad they are. And Kiriha being a bitch kind of fits the second line.

For starters, this post is my first anime review article with nipple nudity, so I’m glad to have finally worked on something outside of manga comps that had nipples (the HxH special I covered used nylon66’s media, so I don’t count that, and I’m obviously not counting Keijo for dicking around with its lack of legit nipple nudity, as humorous as it may have been). Pretty media-heavy post to work on too, so it feels more accomplishing to reach said milestone with, even if my favorite type of service didn’t receive as much coverage as I would have liked. Still, the OVA did deliver some service , though I’ll discuss my thoughts on it at the end to keep this short.

Oh, I included webms this time because I found they complement the article nicely (can’t be stingy about having my articles be mobile-friendly this time, sadly). Not to mention this article has nipples alongside the service, which makes it feel like the webms complement the other media more by being alongside them. With that thought process in mind, I’ll put the stitches alongside the caps and webms as well as opposed to separating them by media type like I usually do.

I know this article came out kind of late relative to when the OVA itself became available online (not the initial crappy quality one, but the proper 480p one). Couldn’t help it since I wanted to make the media properly, which isn’t even what I intended to do, since I initially didn’t want to give a shoddy DVD-quality OVA full attention with media-making if it were to simply end up getting released in 1080p eventually as a BD bonus or something. I get OCD with my media easily though, so now here we are with this belated article.

The service in the OVA is very nice, with the animation keeping constant. Most of the scenes tend to involve Kiriha though (the blue-haired girl that accompanies Kazuya, the MC), which is a shame given how I find the other females in this show to be more appealing than Kiriha both body-wise and personality-wise (sword girl only wins out because her body is great; her personality is just almost as shitty). Though we do get some shots with the glasses girl, the loli god, and the crow girl, Kokuyou (my favorite), as well as one scene with Kokuyou. The OVA delivers a good bathing scene with plenty on naked shots of Kiriha as she gets scrubbed by Kazuya in the bath, with her showing some reaction to it towards the end. And to accommodate for the cast, this gets followed up by the main female cast (excluding Kazuya’s sister) heading to a bath house, with Kiriha in her loli form this time. Kiriha and the loli god provide plenty of service amidst their childish shenanigans, while glasses girl provides a good panning shot among other shots, with Kokuyou’s shots focusing on her breasts. Sword girl gets her own bath scene and undressing scene. Glasses girl is underutilized in this OVA  along with the loli girl, but she does get an eye-catch (like an end card but in the middle of the episode) at least. Loli god doesn’t get a standalone scene, only getting some scenes alongside the rest of the group, a pan shot of her clutching her breasts, and a naked apron (hate that shot though because it does some dumb infant play with Kazuya, wasting the service potential it could have had with what she was wearing). Overall, the service is pretty nice, so long as its not taking into consideration the circumstances, but like I said, I’ll discuss that fully at the end.

The scenes in this OVA are based around the omake chapters in the manga, jumping around between the story between each scene. Some of the scenes do seem to deviate from the manga’s scenes too, especially the scene where the Kazuya gets tied to the post to see what type of reading material turns him on. Relative to the levels of service at these points of the manga, it is understandable that the imaginary scenarios with the characters only show less extreme service shots like that. But frankly, I can’t help but be somewhat disappointed that they didn’t try to go farther with the imagination scenarios at the very least.  Though I am disappointed that it didn’t aim to go farther, I enjoyed the OVA for focusing on the service within the omake content in the manga, and hope you enjoy it as well with this article.

In an important note, I’m going to use Animango scans’ uncensored pixiv version of the chapter that has Kiriha getting changed for school and Kiriha bathing with Kazuya alongside the volume’s pages to do a back-and-forth visual comparison of the stuff in the OVA compared to the manga. For the other scenes, I’ll just use the volume scanlations (

Note (for media collectors): I used png’s as opposed to jpg+png, since I noticed that the way images are optimized in posts makes the display images look particularly worse when they’re jpg’s as opposed to png’s. I couldn’t stand how shitty they ended up, so am just going to revert to what I did back then. If you want to download the images is their proper un-optimized quality, right-click on the image and select “Open link” rather than “Open image”. The link attached to the image opens the image stored in the media library, which doesn’t get raped like the display images on articles do. Kinda like how images in google images will sometimes look worse there when compared to the site you have to open them in.

If anyone’s collecting this media and sorts them out in different folders for each media type, I should mention that the I skipped a number with the stitches because the number I skipped was for a stitch I failed to make (during Kiriha’s bath scene), which I discuss down in the article when I reach that point. The total number of stitches (including versions) is 42. The number of caps is 120. The webms are self-explanatory, what with them having their own albums.



Struggled a bit with this stitch because it had the background moving at a different rate than the character art during the pan. Thankfully, the background in the top half was mostly basic, so not much trouble there.

Can’t tell you just how tedious these were to make. For one, the character art of the character art on the left was a bit tricky to get fully because the top of her head wasn’t present for the parts of the panning in which her character art was clear. So I had to crop that part into the main stitch and color it in to look as normal as possible.
Another hurdle was how only certain parts of the character art was shown within each pan shot, which made it hard to get the entirety of the character art in these stitches while keeping them stitched properly and cleanly. The fact that the top right one’s left leg doesn’t ever fully appear in this pan irks me, even though it’s not really that important to see as opposed to the other intimate parts of the body. Had some other problems while making this stitch, but will just leave it out.

The worst part about all of this is that I put in this much effort for some shitty 480p media, so it doesn’t feel as worth it for me. If I ever get the opportunity to remake this media in 1080p, I will certainly hate making these stitches again. I am glad that these stitches came out looking decent though despite the overdetailed background art, the character art fading it between each pan movement, and the amount of frames I used to try to make these stitches.

Instead of sitting on a chair, she’s watching TV(?) eating rick crackers in the OVA. Different outfit too. At least it throws in a panty shot by doing so.

Fucking hated this pan shot. What made this thing unstitchable aside from ICE not being able to stitch two regions that more or less fit together is that the pan shot has some blur happen mid-movement (both downwards and then when going back upwards) around the center of her back side, meaning this stitch didn’t have much to work with. I think there was some shift in the background art too relative to the character art, so that also made things a bit annoying too. Shame I wasn’t able to get a stitch of it.

This stitch was slightly annoying too since the panning starts before Kazuya finishes moving his body. A portion of his hair would have been left out of this stitch had I not managed to use another frame with his body as a substitute for making the stitch.

Yet another really tedious stitch. With the parts of the body that the hand covers throughout its movement in the middle of the panning, there were regions of both the body and the background that I ended up having to color in or blend properly using GIMP. I may have half-assed some of the portions that I blended or colored, but it shouldn’t be noticeable unless you were working with the frames yourself or had a keen eye for slight distortions in pixel coloring.

I don’t get how Kazuya hasn’t become a eunuch with how harshly Kiriha handles his nether regions. Dumb bitch deserves some permanent coffee stains on her real form with how often she does this. Fucking tsunderes, I swear.

They make her cuter in the anime by being more visibly irked about Kazuya looking smug after getting a reaction from her while washing her. That, and she doesn’t use the obi part of her to make Kazuya go to bed. Doesn’t make her any less of a bitch though.

Definitely half-assed the number of frames on this one not only because it wouldn’t have affected the amount of character art visible had I used less, but since this is 480p media. Only with 1080p media do I use every frame for diagonally-panning stitches when applicable.

Had Kokuyou not been present in this OVA, I would have dreaded making media much more (Kiriha’s bath scenes made me dread it nonetheless with how tedious it was to make stitches for with the abundance of annoying pan shots). Holy shit is she stacked. Helps that her blank personality along with her curvaceous body makes her a great target for Kiriha’s gender-swapped shenanigans or Kazuya’s lust (sadly far too little of the latter has borne fruit). I mean, I can still dig the whole thing with the loli god sucking her tits now and then too, but damn was genderswapped Kiriha the bomb. She just became the alpha that Kayuza practically never was. And normally I hate asshole alphas like Kiriha, but since it was a temporary thing and it gave some service with Kokuyou that gave a good sense of contrast between their characters, making it even better, though I’m just rambling here since that scene has managed to remain my favorite from the series. Need more genderbent Kiriha molesting the female cast in the manga and upstaging everyone. Would make for a great omake chapter.

The OVA added the pan shot with the glasses girl, and the great scene with Kokuyou unleashing her breasts. Great addition, all things considered.

Instead of giving Kiriha a kancho right away, loli god just trips Kiriha in the OVA. The way they retort to one another carries out differently too, with only certain actions overlapping. The OVA adds some jiggle scenes with Kokuyou while she washes herself, which is nice too. Same goes for glasses girl, although her’s doesn’t have her tits looking as detailed. Still nice to see them give them both something though.

Need those tits to get a good sucking.

I’m not a lolicon (for the most part, though even I have exceptions), but I have to say, they really did draw the ass on Kiriha pretty well here. Has different shots than the manga in that this focuses on their ass while the manga has a shot from their rears while they perform dogeza, showing their pelvic region. Each one has its own appeal, so can’t say one did better than the other.

Unless these manga scans were from the magazine and not the volume, it seems that the OVA adds to this entire bathhouse segment by giving the female cast nipples as opposed to pepperoni nipples. Although that’s only natural given how the OVA is willing to add nipple nudity rather than shy away from it.

Wish studio Zero-G had added their name to the box like studio Xebec did with the suppository box in one of the Keijo specials. Though the large text on the box is different than the box in the manga, so them adding easter eggs in the box isn’t out of the question. Can’t tell since I don’t speak nor read moonrunes, though.

So either her brother was hung, or this guy has a small dick. Speaking of him though, he did have a pan shot of himself naked, and had another one later in the magazine imagination segment, but I’m obviously not making media of dudes unless its for comedic effect.

Undressing scene seems entirely anime-original unless I missed some omake in the manga somewhere. Good addition imo since it a panty shot coupled with seeing how her skirt folllows the curve of her ass. Plus she her skirt pulled down halfway. At least she has larger curves on top than Kiriha.

Loving the liberties they took with sneaking in more service in this OVA.

Kazuya better get that titfuck when he fixes shit in the manga. Not gonna go into details on that since it’s spoiler territory.

This scene carries out differently in the OVA. Upon finding the two, Kokuyou suggests to the loli god to give Kazuya a titfuck too, upon which she answers that its obvious that she can’t (hence the imagery in the OVA). Nice way to segway into adding more service of her though, as the bathhouse segment as well as the eye-catch were the only real service we got from her in the OVA.

Loli god is just too adorable. No real service in this scene so didn’t bother getting the  manga-equivalent pages for a comparison.

Amidst our usual days of screwing around, IHaveNoName managed to find the source of the first, second, and third volumes of the series on the left (Seikan Inma Esthe Sakusei Course Hajimemashita). No luck with the magazine on the right, though. This shit’s too blurry at 480p for google translate to reliably translate. Though if anyone knows the source of it, please share. Needless to say, the cowgirl magazine is just a fake drawn by the staff, so no need to bother with that one.

Pretty extreme service in these though. As expected given the service in the more recent volumes of Tsugumomo. Now let’s hope the anime doesn’t chicken out with providing these levels of service.

I feel partial about the magazines/volumes. The manga shows sex in them, even with the genitals censored. The OVA, while not having scenes of that degree in full display, shows the covers of magazines filled with content that’s just as extreme, if not more. I have to be grateful to the OVA ultimately since it gives us volumes of a legit series (with good service imo), so there’s more to follow up on with that as opposed to one of a few panels of sex from a magazine. The OVA does give some pan shots of each of the females down below too, and although that’s not as extreme as a shot depicting sex, I think its a nice way to round out the service for each one of them (except for the loli god’s; her’s could have been so much better than some stupid infant play shit).

Goddamn, if I were to come home every day after work to greet that, I’d consider my life to be fulfilling. Who am I kidding, 2D offers so much more variety at a much cheaper price.

Stupid fucking infant play. What a waste of a good loli. Kazuya already acts like a little bitch half the time in the manga when he’s getting bossed around anyways; don’t want the series feeding into his pushover behavior with this infant crap.

This is the furthest she goes with lifting her skirt. Some faces pop up afterwards blocking out her skirt, but it didn’t matter since her body remains still afterwards.


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This OVA gave me mixed feeling after having watched it. For one, the initial hype on how it had content “too extreme for TV” made me think it would go as far as the current service levels of the manga. Instead however, it just ends up being part of the tame service from the earlier parts of the manga. I was pretty pissed at first because I was disappointed that they wasted what amounts to a perfect chance to showcase the more extreme service within the series in this OVA, since it wouldn’t be restricted by TV standards like the first season had, or like the second season will be.

However, like I mentioned earlier, this OVA was hyped as having content that was too extreme for TV, so with them labeling this mediocrity as such, it makes me worried about how low they plan on setting the bar for the second season’s service in order to keep in-line with TV standards. The manga can be pretty upfront with showing nipples, and shows plenty of foreplay or scenes of that level later down the line, with the nether-regions being just barely concealed. If I don’t get this level of service to some extent in the anime, whether it be in the TV airing or in the BD, I’ll be disappointed.

Admittedly, I never watched the first season, so aside from hearsay, I have only a vague idea of how the first season’s service did relative to what it was adapting in the manga (the fapservice BD articles of it would be the extent of my knowledge). I know that the TV airings were censored, with the nipples being shown only in the BD’s, so that approach is what I expect this second season to take with the TV airings.

Personally, one of the aspects of the manga that I like is how dynamic the action scenes manage to look, which is another thing I hope the anime delivers properly. Though I don’t expect much given how high the bar on that is with the manga’s level of action requiring Yutaka Nakamura levels of sakuga to properly pull off as an anime (his animation style would fit the show’s action scenes pretty well tbh).

I think the departure of the series from the more tame service from back then to the current service had its ups-and-downs. The service from back then seemed more understanding of showing the allure of the female body bit-by-bit, and would have the service from each character putting emphasis on their best parts (had like two more paragraphs to expound on my thoughts regarding this, but I doubt anyone reading cares enough). Having a smaller female cast helped expand on this too, as their most desirable parts would get the spotlight now and then. Heck, the omake that the manga had really helped with deepening this, and on occasion taking it further enough to where it allowed for a payoff. Instead, now the manga has these Isekai characters I could care less about mixed with the portion of characters from the main story that I don’t care much for getting service.

To make matters worse for me, the current art in the manga seems too focused on looking anatomically correct half the time to the point where it doesn’t feel as animated and life-like as the older art did, coupled with the service scenes being executed cheaply in the recent arcs, and I have a hard time getting off to the series. The only recent silver lining that the manga had is with the level of sexual intimacy that this scene and this scene each portrayed. The fact that I found these scenes more appealing than this scene, despite the latter’s body being much more to my liking that the body of the former two, says a lot for my case (needle girl is my type personality-wise though). Though to be fair, I am getting sick of service scenes where the MC is pushed around or doesn’t lead the pace much, since he already acted like a beta for a majority of the early parts of the manga, and has only recently been developing out out of that mold with his growth as a character. Regardless though, I still keep up with this series to see where it plans to go next and how the artist plans to develop the series further, whether it be with its action, the service, the characters, etc.

Don’t know where I was going with all this, so seems I went off a tangent. Anyways, I’m hoping the anime is faithful with adapting both the dynamic action scenes as well as the levels of service in the manga, but I’m hoping they the anime adaptation doesn’t follow the same route the manga does with the service and the character art (the extreme levels of service, sure, but not the lackluster delivery).

Lastly, I only planned on doing the OVA, and won’t be reviewing the upcoming second season unless none of the available or potential writers are able to cover it (or in a more unlikely scenario, the quality or abundance of service in it becomes shitty). Though I can’t guarantee I’ll even cover it steadily on the off-chance that I do get it, since I can’t easily make time for a weekly show what with real life taking up a decent portion of my time along with FGO (having three back-to-back events didn’t help when trying to make media either).