Ishuzoku Reviewers gets a PV and AT-X airing


The quest to fuck as many monster girls as possible.



This morning a PV was shown for Ishuzoku Reviewers which airs this winter starting on January 11th. More importantly though is an AT-X airing was also announced and looking at it’s information page it shows that the parental lock will be on it as well which means censorship should be either minimal or non existent.






For those that haven’t read the manga the plot is simple. Fuck as many monster girls in the world you can find. The main character and his elf friend travel around the world visiting as many monster girl brothels as they can and fuck the girls there and write reviews on their experience.  That is pretty much it as the series is supposed to be comedic and generally episodic in nature.

The only instance of a over arching plot involves the angel boy. The pv shows the early flashback in which the two main characters meet him so they will be keeping that in the story. Main guy and elf friend save the angel boy as he is being attacked and after saving him the angel tells them that his halo broke and he can’t go back to heaven without it being repaired and asks if he could travel with them since angels are weak and they both look strong. They both realize if they help him they could go to heaven with him when he returns and fuck some angel girls and so they agree to protect him till his halo is repaired and he can return in hopes of getting some angel pussy in exchange. Really that is the plot. Seriously. We finally get some based main characters for a change.

After angel boy joins him they take him with them to a brothel as he slowly gets corrupted over time to seek out monster girl pussy like they do as the story goes on. Afterwards they write reviews about the place and post them at the adventurers guild and the reviews become so popular they decide they will do this to make money now as they become professional reviewers that travel the world reviewing brothels. So the story consists of the three of them and a few other friends of theirs visiting different monster girls to fuck and write about it as they become famous reviewers. Also I’ll point this out now the angel boy also has a vagina. He is referred to as a boy rather than a futa in the manga though but regardless he has both a dick and vagina so you know.

The show is listed as being a full length show which was a surprise since I figured it would had been a short especially since the miru tights director is doing it. The chapters themselves are only around 8 pages or so each so making this a normal 24 minute show is going to be interesting to see how they handle it. While some chapters do continue on from the previous most are stand alone so the episode format might be split to maybe be multiple separate stories in a single episode (sort of like how a bunch of our cartoons are 30 minutes but are split into 2 15 minute segments). Something I’ll point out is that the reviews of the monster girls are shown in the chapters with each of the characters giving their opinion in a text box so I’m wondering if maybe the show will do something better with this element to increase the runtime. We in most case don’t get to see the experience with the girls as it happens off screen and just get to read about it in a review but it would be nice if they instead changed it to actually show us the stuff as it happens as part of each character’s review to help pad out the time.

Now for the important part and that is nudity. The manga does indeed have nudity but it various on how much. Some monster girls don’t appear nude while others do. Some chapters have no nudity while others have a lot. Hopefully they make adjustments to add nudity to everyone for the anime though. Without knowing how many episodes this will be yet it is hard to speculate on how far they will go but currently the manga has 3 volumes with the 4th coming out next month right before the anime airs. To give you an idea on some of the stuff to expect here are a few pages.



The show starts on January 11th at 11pm japan time. Let’s hope the show not only stays true to the source material unlike other shows that tone it down but hopfully the show also increases and improves on what the manga has to offer. Adding nudity to parts that had none in the manga would be the best starting place for that. Not putting too much hope on them adding more on screen sex to the stuff that already exists (there are only a few instances of it in the manga) but I still am going to wish for it. So far for winter we now have this and the r18 sister show (hoping for a pv of that soon) that will give us nudity. So 2020 is at least going to be off to a good start.

Just as I am working on this post a higher quality rip of code geass movie shows up. Now have to start work on that post. Annoying that I will probably need to wait a few days to post it though since no way I will finish it by tonight and since saturday is val love day I don’t have that and scissor does his posters post on sunday. At least maybe the picture drama will get uploaded in that time so I have that to work on as well.