Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Season 1 Fanservice Review

One of the strangest ecchi anime ever

You live with a cute angel girl named Dokuro. She is very flirtatious and loves to tease you. She is also a violent psychopath who will randomly murder you with a spiked bat (among other weapons of destruction) but you’ll be revived as though nothing happened shortly after.

Is it worth it? No. But that’s the gist of Dokuro-chan  It can be fairly hard to keep a boner watching season one in its entirety (unless extreme masochism is your thing), but if you exclude the excessive gore and toilet humor it makes for a solid fanservice review when there’s not much else to talk about.

I’ll try to keep the gore to a minimum, only including shots that show Dokuro’s ass.

headless stitches are lame. but that’s all ram horned angel girl gives us to work with here.

that concludes all four OVA episodes of season 1. There’s not much to say about the narrative. The synopsis is the most bizzare thing I’ve read in my entire life. Dokuro-chan makes no attempt to be taken seriously and is clearly intended to be enjoyed as a farcical ecchi comedy. Dokuro is rather adorable if you ignore the whole violent homicidal killing thing, perhaps this review will help to display some of that charm.

For whatever reason, Dokuro-chan received a sequel in the form of two additional OVA episodes. The aesthetic receives a major upgrade and so does the fanservice. Good enough to warrant a review for both individual episodes.

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