Val x Love Fanservice Review Episode 10

Episode ten is probably the last ‘training’ episode left before the last battle.


There’s a relatively low amount of nudity from the manga in this week’s chapters but at least the anime covers every panel it gets.




Overall thoughts:


Probably the least potential of any episode since the early going, but still not bad.

With just two episodes left there are still eight chapters left to cover to reach the big falling action onsen scene, or about four chapters per remaining episode.  The good news is that there is footage in the next episode trailer from chapter 28 which means that the end credits scene from today’s episode plus next week will hit the four chapter pace it needs.  Based on this, I feel pretty confident that we’ll get a Triage X final episode where things are wrapped up in time to give us a proper fanservice send off.

Next episode will be interesting, as the maid villain turns into a boob monster in the manga.  Not really sure how they are going to handle that in the anime.  Probably a lot of blank boobs would be my guess, til BD of course.