It seems nipples now exist in the Gokukoku no Brynhildr universe


Brynhildr in the Dark?  Right now, not so much. This shot comes from the most recent episode, I assume the fourth one.

You may recall that this anime was produced by ARMS, the very same company that failed to fully conceal nipples with similar censorship methods during an early episode of Sekatsuyo.   Given that ARMS is now a repeat offender, I am genuinely starting to wonder if this lack of caution was intentional.  It would be a clever way of letting the fans know what would be coming when blu-rays hit store shelves.

Once again this proves why we should never doubt ARMS ability to find a way.  Though the manga was written by the same author as Elfen Lied, the latter was a manga full of nipple sightings, whereas Gokukoku no Brynhildr, at least as far as I’ve read in the tankobon versions, is nipple free, often drawing scenes as if to show them but always censoring the nudity with steam, and then keeping the scenes censored in the tankobon.

During my Spring ecchi preview post I speculated there was a decent chance we might get nipples from this show given it’s Seinen themes, copious amounts of manga censorship and ARMS track record for nudity, including a few cases where they added nipples to series that did not have them in their original print forms.  Well, it looks like ARMS has come through for us once again.  It sure would be nice if they could actually make some money on one of these shows.

I can’t take credit for the pic, which was posted anonymously by someone on 4-chan and just brought to my attention this morning in an email.  But to whoever it was that saw this first, kudos to you good sir.

Special thanks to Max Power and V.C. for bringing this to my attention.