Maken-Ki! Two – Vol.01 BD fanservice compilation

That was so much work.  I think I just saw my soul leaving my body.  But damn, it was worth it.

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DDL:  1080p  720p

If you were wondering why this project wasn’t on the blog a bit sooner, it’s because it turned out to be a whopper.  The first volume compilation checks in at almost 26 minutes, by far most I’ve ever gotten out of a single blu-ray disk.

A big reason for the length was a new format I’m trying out for redraw-based ecchi.  I start off with the redraw before and after comparisons, then show all fanservice as lightly edited as possible, and then finish with the all the naked stuff.

Each section is edited a little differently, I might extend a scene in one section and modify it a little differently in another.  I did this so each section would feel fresh and help cut down on the repetitive feel.

The “non-nude” section I used to use is now “all fanservice” and is similar to the edits I used to do for my older videos.  I did this because redraw based fanservice shows often mix nude and non-nude fanservice in the same shots and seem to rely on context more.  So now, you can see the nude scenes with a better idea of how they flow in the anime.  And then if you just want to see the nude scenes without the interruptions, there’s still the nudity section, which usually has extra enhancements added to help it feel unique.

I didn’t think I would like this volume because it focuses so much on Haruko, who despite her monster curves is a little harder to like given her generic appearance, cliched attitudes, and her intangible “awkwardness” as an object of lust.  The fact that’s she appears to be quite a bit bigger and bulkier than Takeru is kind of weird too.  This anime definitely has a thing for big and tall women.

It wasn’t until I poured out dozens of hours making this video that I started to realize the charms of this volume, in particular I really liked the special which was every bit as unabashedly fapable as the specials from Ladies versus Butlers and Kanokon.  It’s fairly obvious from the character design that at least some of the same staff is involved here, and they do not disappoint.

There were some missed opportunities to be sure.  All those fighting scenes where clothes get ripped off had only token redraws with no Ikkitousen styled combat nudity.  The scene where Cha-Cha and Haruko undress themselves under hypnosis remains exactly the same on blu-ray despite the fact that their breasts are hanging almost completely out.  And then you had Kodama’s see through nighty which magically does not show nipples even on blu-ray.  I have to assume that was an oversight.  And when we did get nudity from the main episodes, it was consistently very brief.

It’s pretty amazing to think about how much better these first two episodes could have been on blu-ray, and yet… and yet… the compilation video still went 26 freaking minutes.

Of course, the non-nude service got a pretty huge boost on blu-ray with the kind of panty shots and butt shots the first series was known to obsess over.  And while I would say the TV episode redraws were on the disappointing side, the special was even better than I imagined it would be, and by all appearance the next one for Inaho in volume two is even better.  It makes me that much more pumped for the possibility of Aki and Kodama getting their turn later.

My nitpicks aside, let me be clear.  Maken-Ki Two! is the kind of fanservice series that every ecchi-fanboy dreams of.  It’s basically Ladies versus Butlers all over again, except even better.  And based on the screencaps we’ve seen from volume two, it looks like fewer opportunities are going to be missed going forward.