Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls Episode 2 Fanservice Review

Competition intensifies

Following the generic sports anime formula, this is the trial by fire episode to let us know good the MCs are relative to their peers. They identify rivals, weaknesses, state goals for the future.



Episode 2

Idol girl is one of the best climbers in Japan, and climbing is apparently a major entertainment industry in this show.

Nice animation sequence. I expected Iwa Kakeru to just be full of low effort ass shots and stretching. But, there’s a been a commitment to detail in the climbing activities.

This spooky girl is one of the rivals. Figures to appear a lot down the line.

Going into this, I did not find athletic toned anime girls particularly sexy. That opinion is slowly, but surely changing with each created stitch. Such as the one below.

The narration explains here the importance of flexibility when climbing. Nonoka being able to contort her limbs in various directions is key to her success.

Konomi fails to reach the goal in her first competition. What does she do? hit the lab, get better.

The camera panned in random directions during this scene. So the result was incomplete stitchS. Still worth posting though.

Konami falls, again, but has at least taken some steps forward and knows where to improve upon in order to reach her goal next time. Baby steps.

That is one tall girl. I can imagine that her height will be used to explain more climbing techniques, things that help differentiate them from each other.

Naturally, we don’t see the aftermath of this very random invitation. We do receive a preview of all the rivals that the climbing team will meet in future episodes.

This show uses a lot of technical terms for climbing. A sign that the creator is familiar with the sport themselves, which helps a lot in making the competitions feel genuine. That or they googled it for a convenient excuse to put cute girls together. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next.

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