Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? Episode 6 BD Fanservice Review

More fun with sensei

This episode shows the origin of Mayu’s love for her yakuza looking student Suzuki.  But not before she gets an umbrella stuck in her crotch and a fish toy stuck in her bra. Classic ecchi weirdness.

Luigi losing his mind for this episode, censored –

On the scale of most ridiculous ecchi situations, this is probably up there. I mean nothing in this scene made remote sense. But she’s cute so who cares.

Sensei’s sister is not a fanservice target, unfortunately.

The old couple makes cameos every so often. But won’t be featured again until the OVA episode.

So absurd you have to laugh.

A better love story than twilight.

Next is incomplete tanned skinned sensei, and a shota boy that loves her. My least favorite pairing for a variety of reasons, but there’s some good stuff in there anyways.

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