Jimihen!! Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu fanservice review episode 5


Staying at a hotel doesn’t get you a glasses girl.


The longest episode so far with the r18 version being 3 minutes and 18 seconds longer than the all ages version. So we finally got one on the level of the first episode again.


Hachiya and Rena are getting back from their date at rock climbing which is where Hachiya picked to go. He then tells her she can pick the next one and asks what she likes to do in her free time. She says watching action movies so he decides they will go to watch one on their next date. She then begins to get worried because she won’t know how to dress since she went to a hairstylist and such for the way she currently is as well as the first time she met him and it was only because of that why he agreed to talk with her. He tells her it was what got him initially but now he doesn’t care and likes her as she is and not to worry about it.

You could save those 40 or 90 dollars and just fuck outside instead. If everyone in japan did this to save money japan would have free live porn occurring outside all the time. Free porn and money saved for videogames would make you country of the gods.

It starts to rain so they both decide to go to a hotel and while there Hachiya gives Rena a massage to help her muscles because of the pain from their time doing the rock climbing exercises. In the all ages version you get the following put in place of the next scene instead..

Meanwhile in the r18 version you get the following..

After massaging her for a bit with his hands he decides to use a massager he randomly finds in the room on her without questioning it.  A better option would had been to take a random permanent marker in the room and drew those fucking glasses back on her face instead.

After using it on her for a bit she asks for his dick instead. After they finish he asks her what they should tell people at work about their relationship while they are taking a bath. She says she wants to continue to keep their relationship a secret from everyone and for him not to tell anyone. He agrees while also telling her not to lie about needing to stay late after work in order to see him again like in the previous episode as it ends.



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Longest episode so far but the downside is the obvious one it had her in that form. Next episode is going to be very confusing on what to expect. The pv image shows Rie grabbing Hachiya’s arm and saying next week she will comfort him. This would make it seem like she is going to get content next week but it’s hard to tell how to interpret this. Unless they are doing some kind of reverse misleading this will be clickbait. In the next chapter after this week’s that scene occurs with Rie at lunch as she asks Hachiya if he wants her to comfort him as a joke as he turns her down. Later he and Rena fuck in the office meeting room and Rie discovers more clues about them. This eventually leads to more plot stuff with Rie way later on leading to her imagination scene but unless they start skipping stuff they won’t reach it. Plus they could entirely remove the scene where she discovers more clues from next week like they did with a similar scene during the beach episode. However it is also possible they could be rewriting the next chapter to maybe take the content from that imagination chapter later on and move it into here.

In that chapter Rena worries about the date Hachiya goes on with Rie which he does just to explain things about Rena to her. During this time Rena fingers herself while thinking about him fucking Rie. I really don’t know what to expect because of the possibilities they could do. If they truly follow the chapter straight then that preview is clickbait and we will get the scene with Rena getting fucked in the meeting room. If it isn’t clickbait and they are serious about Rie getting the spotlight next week then they will probably either mix the next chapter with that imagination one possibly or just do a hybrid part original part source material to try and fit the imagination scene in another way. Of course they could go full misleading and make it seem like he really does fuck Rie for real only for it to be shown as just an imagination scene by Rena later. Way too many guesses on what they might do because of that ending image and quote and how it contradicts the source. So looks like next week will be a mystery on what we get. Would be nice if they are serious and we really do get Rie content to help keep it fresh but I’m going in cautious and expecting a troll but hoping for the best instead.


Just watch as they fuck up Rie’s scene by making it like a static image or something. Really hoping they give her something considerable simply because these one girl only shows are boring me. I’m already tired of this show and am glad it’s only 8 episodes now. Will save the negatives I have for the end though to better judge it.