Koharu Biyori fanservice compilation [UPDATED]

Takaya Murase has just purchased a maid robot named Yui. His plans for Yui include dressing her in various costumes he has dreamed up, much to her dismay.

[UPDATE1] By reader request, this comp has been re-upped and the blog post has been updated. delmogeny may have retired a long time ago but his fanservice compilations still continue to be popular… And a big tip of the cap to @Rcmaniac10 for having saved this comp for posterity! It was a big help!! Thanks!!!

Koharu Biyori aka Indian Summer is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Takehito Mizuki. The manga was serialized in MediaWorks’s monthly Dengeki Daioh before MediaWorks moved the title to the quarterly Dengeki Moeoh it ran from March 15, 2004 to December 17, 2011 and was collected into 7 Volumes. The manga was adapted into a three-episode original video animation overseen by Doumu and directed by Takayuki Inagaki.


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