Jimihen!! Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu gets a pv


Glasses girls are best girls.


A pv came out today for winter season’s r18 show which this time is one aimed at males after going nearly a year since we had the last one.




The story for this one involves the main character and his boss talking about the quiet glasses girl at their workplace. The boss then challenges the main character to take her out on a date. He blackmails him by telling him he knows he went to the arcade to play games instead of working the previous day and he won’t tell the higher ups if he takes her out on a date and tells him about it. Having no choice the main character asks her out and she accepts. On the day of their date she arrives looking much different from what she normally does at work and after talking to her during dinner he sees she is much different personality wise as well. Eventually they go to a love hotel and decide to keep everything that happened a secret from coworkers so to prevent gossip.

The two of them become fuck buddies pretty much while also trying to keep their relationship from everyone else at the office a secret while pretending neither of them have interest in each other and the girl continues to act like her normal quiet self not revealing her true personality to the others. Eventually they do start dating and accept their feelings for each other while still doing everything they can to keep that a secret from the office also. In short the show involves two coworkers getting into a relationship and trying to keep everyone at work from finding out about it.

The two main girls we get in the show are the following:

Rena who is the focus of the show.

Rie who is a coworker of the two main characters and sort of functions as the main girl’s rival in terms of trying to get the main guy.


To give an example of the stuff we will be getting here are some panels from the source. I say panels because just like the other shows of these it follows the usual long page formatĀ  of manwas so uploading those would be harder to see so I just compiled parts of the pages together.



It’s been a year since we got the last one of these aimed at a male audience which was Overflow last winter so hopefully they start being more common again. There is a difference with this one compared to the others at least in terms of source material contents though. I say that because Araiya’s adaption was similar in terms of one girl focus like this will be however in Araiya’s case that was because for some reason they decided to remove mei’s scene from that and only have the main girl get fucked. Funny enough if you continued to follow the manga since then the main character has now started fucking the other girls including some that were in the anime like the blond one that I wished had gotten a scene in that.

But back on topic this show is much like that in the sense that the main girl is the only one getting fucked by the main guy but unlike Araiya where this was the result of changes from the source material for the adaption the same doesn’t apply here as instead the main guy really does only does fuck the main girl so far in the manga. So if you are hoping for content with the coworker you shouldn’t get your hopes up however there is a possibility of something still. Though she doesn’t get any real scenes there is a short imagination scene with her which you can see in those example pics I posted. Later on she figures out the secret between the two characters and makes the main guy take her on a date to talk about it or else she will tell everyone. During their date the main girl is worrying about what they could be doing and starts to touch herself thinking about him fucking the other girl. Thing is this chapter happens way later so I have doubts it will be in this adaption unless they decide to move it forward or do some out of order stuff.

The staff for this one and the studio are the same as Overflow and one interesting thing Overflow did was give us some anime original content in the last two episode after they reached where they felt it best to end the main story. Since we have the same staff and director it’s possible the same thing could happen here. No episode number yet but I’m going to assume it will be 8 like Overflow was. I have a general idea on where they might end the story as well which is when the two characters start officially dating and depending on how fast they reach this it’s possible they could finish this with time to spare. The reason I bring that up is maybe if we are lucky we will get some original episodes like Overflow did at the end and maybe they will find a way to put a scene with Rie in there even if it is just an imagination scene like what happens later in the manga since having it for real would mess with the story. Would be nice since having at least one different character helps keep scenes from getting stale but like I said go in this expecting only content for the main girl as that is how the story so far makes it with the exception of the imagination scene.

The show starts airing on January 3rd and much like the previous ones will probably have a decent amount of extra runtime on the r18 versions as these shows seem to be improving on that each time.

They better not skip a certain chapter in this. The amount of rage I will have if they do. But there is a chapter where the main girl gets assertive something we never see in these shows. Not only that she keeps her glasses on as well. I don’t care what else they cut out as long as they keep that. Also thankfully most of the scenes in general do have her keeping her glasses on. She doesn’t start to wear them less till after they start dating which is when the show will probably end so won’t have to worry about reaching that.