Kemeko Deluxe! BD Fanservice Review: Episode 6

The start of a summer vacation and introduction of the Vanilla!! XD

Hey everyone!! Welcome back for more fanservice with another fanservice review of Kemeko Deluxe! anime. In this episode, it was finally time for summer break and everyone is planning for a vacation.

Kemeko joins Sanpeita and his friends in a summer vacation to protect him from being captured by the robots from Mishima. Sanpeita heads home himself as he was annoyed by the clashing between Kemeko and Izumi.

Sanpeita was surprised that he had an unexpected guest who looks like Kemeko but also reminds me of Rikka from Chunibyo. XD The guest introduces herself as Kiriko, a similar robot like Kemeko but was piloted by the woman named Vanilla M. (Make) Repairs, an executive director from Mishima.

It seems that this Kiriko really have some resemblance to Rikka from Chunibyo who possesses the ability of “The Wicked Eye” and wear a medical patch to cover it. XD

Before Kiriko takes her leave, she tells Sanpeita to meet her after 10 days so that she can tell him more about Mei and Kemeko.

That night, Kemeko thought that Sanpeita was cheating on her as she smells something different (an enemy scent) in Sanpeita’s room and some domestic violence occurred. XD

That’s all for the fanservice review in this episode and please stay tuned for the following episode for even more fanservice to come!! Thanks for reading everyone and we’ll see you next time. Adios!! (^^)v