Jungle de Ikou fanservice compilation [UPDATED]

After meeting a dancing old man in what she thinks is just a crazy dream, Natsumi Rokudo embarks on a series of fanservice-filled magical girl adventures with a little creature named Ongo who might be evil and a shy girl with mysterious powers named Nami.

[UPDATE1] By reader request, this post has been re-upped and updated. delmogeny may have retired a long time ago but his fanservice compilations still continue to be popular…  And a big tip of the cap to @Rcmaniac10 for having saved a copy of this comp for posterity! It was a big help!! Thanks!!!

Jungle de Ikou! is an anime directed by Moriyama Yuuji (Director of the great but short adaptation of Kotetsu no Daibouken) Animation was overseen by Chaos Project and 3 OVA’s were produced throughout 1997. The story is centered on Natsumi Rokudo, a young student from Japan who gains the powers of Mii, the well-endowed fertility goddess of a tribal culture.


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