Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 12 Fanservice Review

….that’s it?

There is zero nudity in the finale of Jet Girls. Perhaps the tamest episodes of the season was saved for last. The finale is instead dominated by a rushed competition to decide the Kandagawa Cup champion, so basically the opposite of what the target audience wants from the show.

Seeing Kaguya in a dress may help to alleviate the disappointment. If only chubby waifu was given the same privilege.

The entire main cast comes together for one final free for all. First to reach to finish line is champion. The concept is exciting – battle royales are hard to mess up, but the entire race is crammed into a short window and is difficult to follow as a result.

Team Kandagawa wins this time around. This is the second race they have won on screen. None of the competitors are salty about losing. They either take inspiration for the defeat, or express joy that they were even able to participate to begin with.

Rin and Misa share a final les-yay moment in the midst of their post match celebration. Considering how tense their relationship was at the start, it’s rather wholesome seeing them so close in the end.

I still think back to episode eight where there was titty groping and nudity from multiple teams in an extended bathing scene. the optimist in me hoped that would establish a new bar for the rest of the season. then episode nine, ten, eleven killed that momentum and hopes were settled on the finale. turns out that episode was really just a blip on the radar.

Jet Girls never figured out how to intertwine service with racing competition. almost all of the great scenes are removed from racing, and there isn’t enough proper match build up or characterization of rivals to make the races feel meaningful. So eventually you begin to wonder what the point of the racing even is if it holds back the primary appeal of the show itself¬† while contributing no real value otherwise. an entirely CGDCT version of Jet Girls would probably be better received.

the character designs are great for the most part. all of the pairs have their own unique quirks and charm. Lot of quality stitches were produced from the episodes that are worth saving.¬† The disappointment is more so that there isn’t more done with these designs insofar as intimacy or variety, and the huge disparity in focus upon certain groups compared to others. Notable example would be Kuromaru and Kaguya being invisible for most of the season after starring in the first two episodes. We never do see the black haired idol twin nude. The shrine maiden duo only have a zoomed out, poorly focused shot in a bath tub to suffice for their lone nude scene. The American Weebs and Gal-Hos receive the most attention by a longshot outside of the main duo. Everyone else left a lot of potential on the table; who knows if a second season is on the horizon to remedy that gap.

This concludes the first seasonal anime I’ve reviewed. Lots of screenshots, stitches and webms. Most of it was fun. On to the next one.


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