Overflow fanservice review episode 1


Bathing with best girl.


This season’s r18 rated show has now started and with the first episode it has already shown itself to be the best of all of these we have had for the past 3 years so far. Much like the previous ones the r18 version contains a longer runtime with 2 minutes of extra content in this episode (all ages version is 3:30 while r18 is around 7 minutes but the credits take a minute and a half of that so the episode is really around 5:30 for the r18 version). It also follows the manga closely so far and doesn’t deviate at least not yet so if you read that you already know everything that happens as well.


Annoyingly this is as far up it scrolls.

Shows starts by telling you from the start they are not blood related. Kazushi gets home from work and sees that Kotone and Ayane are there waiting for him.

Ayane yells at him for not getting her pudding like she texted him about on the way home. He decides to just go take a bath to get away from her while thinking about how she used to be nicer when she was a kid.

Shortly after Kazushi gets in the bath both Kotone and Ayane enter the bathroom to use it. Ayane yells about him using the tub as she already already put her special bath powder in it and he is wasting it. Kazushi tells her if she is so mad then she should just get in the tub with him then. Both her and Kotone then change into swimsuits so they can use the tub with him and not let the bath powder go to waste.

Ayane decides to wash her hair before getting in and let’s Kotone get in the tub first because even she knows Kotone is best girl. When Kotone gets in they see the tub is too small as her ass causes Kazushi to get hard from having her pushing against him.

Ayane finishes with her hair and tries to get in with the rest of them. As she struggles to get in this results in Kazushi’s dick slipping inside Kotone as they try to keep it a secret. Ayane decides it is too cramped and says she will get out and come back later so she can have the tub to herself as she leaves Kazushi and Kotone alone. Kazushi tells her he can’t hold back anymore and asks if it is alright for them to continue as they both decide to fuck. In the all ages version the next scene is not shown of course and in it’s place we get this image instead.

Meanwhile in the r18 version we get the following…


Might as well include a long version of both parts as well. Also I hate bathroom scenes and my annoyance of them increases each time I cover one of these shows. You probably can see it but making perfect loops is impossible for stuff in bathroom settings because of steam moving around so no frame ever is the same exact color due to the steam covering it at different degrees as it moves. As a result you see a flash of sorts sometimes because the loop begins or end with different amounts of steam present. Thankfully this should be the only episode with that issue.

I really hate when scenes like this have the camera panning. There is no excuse for it as it’s not actually showing you anything other than more of the room which you don’t care about. The end result is it becomes impossible to make a smooth loop because the camera keeps resting back to a different position when it loops because of the pan making it look jittery. There are potential ways to possibly fix this with some high level editing skills and photoshop but neither I or anyone else here knows how yet. So I made a second webm of this scene and another scene with only one loop of the action which results in the camera distance that resets being shorter so it makes it less odd when it loops around. Still isn’t ideal as it makes it shaky as a result but it’s the best I can do to account for this shitty decision that so many shows and especially hentai do with camera pans.

After they finish fucking they hear Ayane coming back so she can get her turn in the tub as they see her start to open the door as the episode ends.



Webm Album.



You can instantly tell when watching the episode that the art and animation are far better than anything we have got before with these r18 shows these past few years. This one looks to have a decent budget to it so these must be getting more and more popular for them to keep improving them. Not only that they actually managed to get to the first sex scene in just the first episode and even better it is of best girl at that. The scene itself does have some differences compared to the manga but most of it was for the better by giving better angles. Really hoping they improve some later scenes in the manga as well. Once the animation starts for the scene you can also see it is far better animated than what we have gotten with the other ones before also. So far this is not only the best of the male aimed r18 shows it is the best one overall.

So far with this episode they haven’t made any bad decisions yet either unlike araiya previously which removed stuff. This is only 8 episodes long so they don’t have a lot to work with but based on how much they managed to cover with this episode I can take a guess on where we might reach. My guess is chapter 18 will be the end point which actually would make sense because the end of that chapter does actually end in a way that would work well for an ending to this show. Even though we only have 8 episodes that should be enough to cover all the major scenes without skipping anything inbetween.

The major stuff to cover are the following: the bath with Kotone (we got that here), the stuff with Ayane while they are sleeping, The scene with Kotone outside the school, The sex scene with Ayane, The sex scene with drunk Kotone, The sex scene with Ayane in the locker room, And finally the last sex scene with Kotone in the classroom. That is 7 major events they need to cover with one of them done with this episode so we have 6 scenes left with 7 episodes remaining. That gives them some room to make one of those remaining scenes last two episodes instead of just one or potentially use the extra episode to create an anime original episode or maybe an anime original ending.

The next episode based on the preview looks to be the sleeping part with Ayane so they are holding true to the manga and will probably spend the next episode on her now to complete that scene. No idea if the 2 minutes of extra content will be the standard for each episode but looking at the BD the all ages version is listed as 28 minutes while r18 version is 56 minutes. Keep in mind the r18 version has a minute and a half end credits for each episode which the all ages one doesn’t. So at least 12 minutes of that would be the credits which is what they did for previous show runtimes. So 44 minutes in total is what we should get for all 8 episodes which is 16 minutes more than the all ages version so in theory the 2 minute thing should apply to each episode. However there is always the chance they could do something like a minute and a half for an episode instead and 2 and a half minutes for the next as a result. With the highly improved art and animation in this indicating they are increasing the budget for these shows hopefully it means one day we will get these at 12 episodes with this level of extra content (the previous 12 episode ones had less extra content overall so that is why they have longer episode counts). This episode did a lot of the right things so let’s hope they keep it up since this could easily be the best service show of the season.

When Kotone’s next sex scene happens (which might be ep5 or 6) they better not mess up the girl on top scene or I will rage. We don’t get that in these shows much with most of it being missionary or sometimes doggy. In the manga the scene is really short so hoping they improve it like they did with her scene here and make it longer and show more.