Kandagawa Jet Girls Fanservice Review Episode 2

Episode one was no fluke. Jet Girls continues to bring the heat where it matters

…but not before a lengthy introduction to the rules of jet ski racing. Sorry for the clickbait feature picture.

Episode 02:

Half of episode two covers the race between Kaguya/Kuromaru (Ojou Sama/Big tity chan) and our main duo Rin/Misa, giving us an idea of what we can expect in future competitions. The winning conditions are simple – to complete three laps faster than the opponent, but the riders are allowed to gain a competitive advantage by using water pressured guns to weaken the body armor of opposing racers, often reducing them to bathing suits to the mass applause of the viewing audience

I suspect no one is a fan of the use of CG in these races. The character models become extremely robotic and clunky to the detriment of viewer immersion. Thankfully it’s only a relatively small portion of the animated scenes and we still have close up gems like the following.


Our heroines lose their very first competitive match, but their efforts are rewarded with the respect of their competitors who no longer underestimate their abilities.  This is often the case in sports narratives to set up the inevitable revenge match.

As far as most viewers are concerned, this is where the episode really begins –


this makes for a consecutive episode with a nude scene in a changing/bathing area. In episode one it came before the races began, and now we receive one in the aftermath. If such a trend continues then we should be treated with nudity in every episode that contains races.

after this treat, we discover Rin trying to start a club for Jet racing. She is apparently too cute to turn down.

this is briefly interrupted by Kaguya and Kuromaru in the middle of an intense gym session – these are not your average girls in more ways than one


We’re introduced to the manager of this duo – potentially adding an adult woman to the fanservice of this show. The chances of her getting on a jet bike and stripping at some point seems slim. But so were the chances of this show having nudity before it actually happened. Never say never.

I hadn’t noticed it before, but Kuromaru is actually kinda chubby. which may as well be obese by anime girl standards. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but worth noting considering how rare it is to find a sexy female who doesn’t have a perfect physique.

We return to Rin’s adventure to recruit members to her club . The usually reserved Misa makes a surprising leap of faith by volunteering to join the Jet Girls club. Who says ecchi can’t have character development?

She is probably just an inconsequential side character who we won’t see again for a month….but here’s hoping that we add a mother to the fanservice crew as well.

Next Episode Preview:

This episode produced about ten less webms and one hundred less screencaps than episode one. Probably good for the health of the fapservice server and our mobile devices, and maybe a slight let down for the encore of episode one in terms of sheer volume. But if THIS is considered a let down for Jet Girls then we’re in for a treat for the rest of the season.

Insofar as the actual Jet Racing (sometimes it’s easy to forget that this is a sports anime) we learn several interesting mechanics to the races – the jet skis will reduce in speed if the rider has taken enough cumulative damage, and that accurately placed shots will do increased damage. This makes it equally imperative that the rider be skilled at maneuvering around the course as the shooter is at placing their shots, and certainly rewards rider/shooter chemistry as they work in tandem to emerge victorious. The jet ski’s also have unique specs that may sacrifice defense for raw speed or vice versa, creating potential for some very fun matches.

In an alternate universe where Jet Girls had no fanservice for whatever reason, there would be some merit to watching the show just to see how creative it becomes at applying these racing concepts. But thankfully we don’t have to entertain that outcome.

The next episode should introduce the weeb pairing from episode one. If the last two weeks are any indication, we’ll see these two nude


Can’t wait!

Link to Webms in post