Shinchou Yuusha TV Fanservice Review: Episode 1 & 2

This hero is overly cautious. Working out in your room not only makes you stronger but can get you level up too!! XD 

Hey everyone!! Anime is surely filled with isekai theme lately and its something similar with a lot of isekai theme manga too. However, this is surely not the common isekai theme anime you’ll be watching because the male mc in there is not only overly powerful in an S class difficulty mode isekai world but also overly cautious!! Besides that, he leveled up not by fighting monsters but by working out in his own room. XD

Episode 1:

The story begins when goddess Ristarte, in short Rista was chosen as a candidate to save a hard-mode video-game like world. She then summons Seiya to help her. The hero that she summoned is incredibly cautious in almost every way and only willing to travel to the isekai world until he reaches the maximum level.

In the isekai world, he bought 3 set of armor (one to wear, one for spare and the last one is a spare for the spare), stores up incredible amount of item before starting his journey. I don’t know why is all these considered overly cautious, but it is sometimes essential when playing a hard-mode video game. If possible, I would also train in advance to level up reaching a certain level too. However, I am not sure whether it is necessary to go full power while fighting weak monsters. XD

Well, everything is possible in a hard mode isekai world that even one of the Demon’s Lord Four Heavenly Kings, Chaos Makina is already waiting for him at the start of the journey. Knowing that they’re no match for her at the moment, Seiya and Ristarte quickly flees from her and return to the Realm of Gods. (Well, that is actually a very nice cheat features we would like to have too) XD

Ugh, those art illustrations is really making me feeling nauseous. Since the hero is overly cautious, we should also be cautious with this anime too. XD

Episode 2: 

After making their escape back to the Realm of Gods, Seiya continues to work out. XD

However, time is already running out for Seiya. Chaos Makina is already attacking the villagers and will slaughter them if the hero Seiya doesn’t appear.

However, the hero still appears in the nick of time when Nina (the girl who gave Seiya a lucky charm)’s father was going to be killed before her.

Because the hero had acquire some hidden skills called “Fake Out” to hide his actual status due to his cautious personality, the enemy Chaos Makina was taken by surprise and was defeated by Seiya’s newly acquired ultimate move-Pheonix Drive. XD It was revealed that Seiya could have defeated Chaos Makina easily at the first place but because he was overly cautious, he went back to the Realm of Gods to continue leveling up again.

In the end, the hero defeats Chaos Makina and save the villagers. But because of his weird antics in which he burns the remains of his enemy and also burnt down the houses of the villagers, they had no choice but to ask him leave. At the very least, Nina and her father did showed some appreciation for them.

Since they’ve already defeated one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon Lord, Seiya decuded that more enemy will be coming after them and they both heads back to the Realm of Goddess for more training. XD In overall, the illustrations of this anime is really dull but I’m reviewing it for its story and comedy, also as a backup for Choyoyu. Really hoped they can improve on the illustrations and fanservice in the coming episodes.

That’s all for the review. Thanks for reading everyone!!  This hero is overly cautious and we should be cautious for any upcoming fanservice too!! (^^)v