Keijo!!!!!!!! Fanservice Review Episode 5

WARNING: Prepare for extreme levels of exhiliration

Yo, Anon back on stage. This time I was able to make time to create a review for Keijo!!!!!!!!(yaaaaay), so this time I can fully enjoy Keijo in all of its glory and hype on an ever higher level as I review it! This’ll be fun (at least for me)!horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000018-767 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000027-303

horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000032-850 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000034-407 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000229-764 We start the show with some boy’s love (BL) in a show who’s cast consists entirely of females. Ironic, isn’t it?horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000241-107 Well, now we know what Fujisaki (or Kotone, whatever you want to call her) shows an interest towards… To each their own, I suppose.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000242-561 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000301-179 MC tries to start a conversation with her opponent. Let’s see how this goes…horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000313-049 What better way than to check their interests.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000316-221 XD This scene had me laughing out loud… Looks like MC gets to experience what it’s like to be the uke… Rofl. She’s even left blushing.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000318-861 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000334-856 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000339-935 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000350-092Looks like it runs in the family (excluding the male members ofc, I sure as heck don’t want to be seeing any males playing Keijo… bleh)horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000403-555 “Over-confidence is a flimsy shield”, as my Overwatch main always says.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000439-320 This particular cap isn’t sexy or anything, it just looks so good with the water on the platform reflecting the sky and clouds. Makes me want to go ahead and admire it for a minute.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000443-692 MC jinxes herself. Oh dear…horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000444-622 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000447-869 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000448-620 Y’know… we wouldn’t have minded if you took off a little more… No male in the vicinity from whom to feel shame towards (because I’m quite sure that you don’t feel shame from other females when you all use the same bath and changing room). horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000459-508More BL (because fuck it). Looks like the uke is developing feelings for the seme. horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000503-345 And all of this appears to be a figment of the racy imagination of Fujisaki. This girl’s a rather romantic individual (even if it is BL), isn’t she?horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000504-184 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000506-357 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000509-975 Seeing Fujisaki be embarrassed is rather cute and surprisingly sexy as well.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000525-323(Stitch courtesy of aikaflip.)horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000528-660_stitchhorriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000532-857 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000535-439 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000548-430 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000549-348 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000549-849 I call hacks.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000559-441 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000559-566 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000600-650 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000601-378 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000601-428 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000601-986 Damn, that’s a rather tight grip, to be grabbing a piece of fabric, especially a racing swimsuit, which is supposed to be a rather tight article of clothing.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000604-237 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000610-327 Now we know what the name of that BL series is (not that anyone here cares).horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000612-550 We’ve already seen it more than once, but that’s a pretty great ass, ngl. I’d like to feel it up thoroughly.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000614-497 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000614-749 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000614-934 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000618-835 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000619-169 Full-on ass in the screen, so that it makes it feel like you’re there because I sure wish I was.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000619-753horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000619-961 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000620-334 No. Just… no. You do not just curve like that when you’re being propelled forward by force, much less do a f*cking U-turn, especially with a posture like that. My boy Newton (or whoever received credit for the principal laws of Physics concerning forces) would like a word with the author of the manga to give him a lecture on Physics.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000621-296 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000622-214 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000623-381 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000625-217 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000625-800 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000636-020 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000636-269 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000638-230 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000638-605 Readers, meet Cer-chan, otherwise known as Cerberus (who If I recall had 3 damn heads, not 1, so whoever decided to name this technique Cerberus clearly has a thought-out naming sense. Very freaking impressive.). I promise she doesn’t bite (too deeply). Think of it like a love bite. horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000640-190 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000641-233 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000641-358 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000642-992 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000643-963 …I take that back, he packs a rather hefty punch. Would I dare to take Cerberus head-on and risk breaking something very important or even lose my life? These types of questions are ones that you constantly have to ask yourself when reviewing Keijo!!!!!!!! Hell, if I can receive an ass like that to the face, them my life would be complete (not really lol, I value enjoying my life too much to lose it through something like this).horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000653-286 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000657-500 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000658-917 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000709-180 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000710-896
horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000712-852 Go for it MC, give this show some good action!horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000713-306 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000713-598 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000713-640 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000714-266 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000715-058 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000715-392 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000718-104 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000718-353 Shit…horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000720-189 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000738-248We all know why…  horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000739-972 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000742-419The seme’s got the uke in his hands. This BL’s become requited. Hmmm? Our sponsors are telling me that we’re not supposed to talk about BL unless we want to endure an onslaught of manservice from Sanya.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000744-839 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000745-839 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000751-735 …My mind must be too deep in the gutter to be interpreting this in another manner…horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000801-237 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000827-269 tumblr_og35bp7ex71vysie1o1_1280horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000856-094 Sh*t, here comes Cerberus. horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000856-577 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000857-911 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000901-557 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000901-916 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000901-957 More ass-to-the-face. Lovely.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000904-285 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000904-751 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000907-003 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000921-476 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000921-647 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000922-644 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000922-816 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000923-270 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000925-730 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000925-814 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000926-738 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000927-108 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000932-279 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000936-195 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000936-324Nice dodge! horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_000937-534 tumblr_og35bp7ex71vysie1o2_1280…Just too adorably sexy.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001002-434 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001004-603 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001005-145 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001012-986 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001019-121Oh sh*t, that’s pretty hot. horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001021-630 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001032-947 memehorriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001032-953

And for those of you with shameless minds, NO, those are not love juices (and if they are, then damn did this anime just grow a pair). They’re just droplets of water. Nothing more, nothing less.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001039-188 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001044-142 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001045-435 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001046-689A fierce battle. I like it! Lets me get my blood pumping!horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001048-856

horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001112-855 Damn, that’s a pretty neat ability.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001118-226 O- Of course we knew that. What else could you possibly have meant? Nothing us perverts could have wrongly interpreted, right?horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001140-949 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001141-575

horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001144-620 … I don’t know how I’m supposed to react to this obvious reference to a certain technique from a certain Street Fighter character… horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001227-621 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001229-247 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001251-229 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001359-285 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001414-477 This fight’s really heating up… and along with it is my passion. This is why I love the sports genre so much.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001432-078 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001438-710horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001440-253HOLY… this is exactly what i was expecting from a sports series. Techniques to clash against each other. I’m a simple guy when it comes to stuff like this, so I’m easily won over.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001448-647horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001502-192 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001503-485ERECTION ACHIEVED

horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001519-209 (Stitch courtesy of ScissorMeTimbers.)pot-001522_013_stitchhorriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001532-389

My comments on this battle summed up in one sentence.

hot horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001748-103 You better damn well be… Accept your punishment!tumblr_og35dahm6i1up5qwko1_1280horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001748-777Image result for my body is readyhorriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001757-359 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001800-673

Dammit, no punishment whatsoever? Boo-hoo.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_001905-301I like seeing this orange-haired teacher as a coach. She really fits her goal.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_002029-385 I KNEW IT. THAT AMERICAN BLONDIE DID CHEAT. That technique she used was too OP.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_002044-906 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_002047-467 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_002052-715 I think she deserves punishment in a different sense. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_002151-044 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_002153-353 New character. Much wow.horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_002154-396 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_002339-321And last, but not least, the exquisite end card.

Great episode. Kept me hyped when the battle heated up. I definitely enjoyed this more than the last episode. On another note, there’s a fan-made daiki for my favorite girl in this series.f25a97efd6b6d8808a96f91ee06ef352e2080ef0ace57bbe1f008da82617538fTHIS IS JUST WHAT I NEED. Good thing Xmas is next month. I deserve to reward myself every now and then.

Credit given to the aikaflip and ScissorMeTimbers for taking the time to make a stitch apiece stitches and to online sources for the other stitches. I don’t have much else to say, so everyone have a splendid week. ‘Till next time!

(Added by ScissorMeTimbers): here is a clean copy of the eye catch and a nearby snapshot of the girls looking cute:

horriblesubs-keijo-05-720p-mkv_002340-410 horriblesubs-keijo-05-720p-mkv_002325-676

(Added by Wizard): here are some gifs from Aikaflip:

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