Keijo!!!!!!!! Fanservice Review Episode 6

[R]ejoice for another episode of Keijo!!!!!!!!

“Fellow assmen (or women, you know who you are) rejoice for another episode of Keijo!!!!!!!! The girls go on a fun trip to Kyoto for training (in case none of y’all noticed the title card but I digress). Sadly there isn’t as much service when compared in previous episodes (I guess that moist shot from last week must have milked some things…), but there is still some good stuff.”


horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000023-814 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000239-416-1 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000256-747 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000337-980 Looks like the reservations at the inn were set for a later time, so the elite class gets to enjoy some free time in Kyoto.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000351-564-1 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000414-829 Now the big question is… what the heck are they supposed to do with the free time they have?horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000439-319 Sly bitch Hanabi appears to want to want to throw a party for the new elite members, which is really just so that she can go to a cafe with attractive males with which to mingle with. Sounds like someone’s looking to lose their virginity tonight (assuming she hasn’t already lost it).

 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000507-024 Unfortunately, poor Kazane is too shy for that, throwing that idea out.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000516-301Someone else decides to throw out an idea. Lets see if it’s any better.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000521-688Playing king’s game (for those of you who don’t know, the way the game works is that a group of people each choose one popsicle stick from a cup containing multiple popsicle sticks. One of the sticks has the word “king” written on it, while the others have numbers usually ranging from 1-9, depending on the number of players. The person who gets the popsicle stick with the work “king” written on it gets to command a certain number to do something to another number, and the person giving out the command doesn’t know who received which numbers until after they’ve given their command. So basically, like truth-or-dare, but without the “truth”. You can see how this would be fun if the commands given out are erotic ones.) horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000526-529Of course Mio just wants to play the game to legally molest/perform indecent acts on the other elite members. Well, not like we wouldn’t want to see that, amirite lesbian lovers?

horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000546-138 Everyone seems to want to do something with the MC (sheesh, she’s really the center of attention. It’s like she has her own same-sex harem), and poor Sayaka is unable to offer her idea of going around Kyoto to visit its attractions (sheesh people, pay more attention to the real best girl).horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000602-330 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000651-148 Poor Sayaka. She lived a solitary childhood with little-to-no friends due to circumstances.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000659-960_stitch MC decides to accompany Sayaka. Sniff, That’s some real friendship right there!horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000710-532 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000732-784 …and the other 2 roommates come along to join them. Cherish your friends.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000738-146 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000747-703 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000758-791 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000759-482 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000802-726 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000804-274 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000808-506 Anyone know what food this is? Looks rather exotic to me…horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000811-174 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000811-282_stitch Back to the bus we go!tumblr_ogg509zx3w1up5qwko1_1280>My first thought was how much like weebs they looked. Kazane fittingly carries katanas on her, making her look more like a ninja,  Sayaka carries a smug plush on her, and that-one-red-haired-girl-who’s-name-I-didn’t-bother-to-look-up (despite the fact that I’ve looked up everyone’s name online because my memory is just THAT terrible) just looks hilarious with those sunglasses.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000837-437 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000842-562_stitch Props to SonanGremory for this stitch.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000909-602 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000924-146 Here we are.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000936-617_stitch MC calls home. Looks like she has a younger sibling (a sister to be exact).horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_000953-710 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001008-738 Even Sayaka calls home.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001010-022 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001020-392 And here we catch a brief glimpse of Sayaka’s mother (who’s clearly bottom heavy as well. Now we know where Sayaka inherited that blessed bottom from).horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001028-991 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001038-609 Everyone’s being split to their designated room accoring to the type of Keijo player that they are (offense, speed, or counter). MC, sly bitch, muscle girl, and lesbian(I stopped bothering with names) are all assigned as offense, Sayaka as speed, and both Kazane and redhead are counter. We’ll find out about the rest in the next episode.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001049-324horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001104-575 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001114-051 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001119-845 Here we have a stalker/admirer of the lesbian. She’s jealous of the MC for getting to be caressed by the lesbian. horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001127-969
horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001136-278 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001150-932 Goku weight training, because why not?horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001205-630 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001214-233 Having someone pass you while running is a bad feeling. Just makes you want to put them in their place by outrunning them.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001251-539 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001255-273 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001255-355 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001258-394 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001302-791leopard-raws_keijo_-_06_raw_bs11_1280x720_x264_aac-mp4_20161111_132742-500_stitchAnother stitch (even I can easily detect the massive drop in quality in this stitch. I’m truly sorry about that). Courtesy of SonanGremory.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001331-978 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001332-562 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001333-044 horriblesubs_keijo_-_05_720p-mkv_002153-353horriblesubs_keijo_-_06_720p-mkv_001337-859horriblesubs_keijo_-_06_720p-mkv_001338-589I’m sure Donald Trump would like to get his hands on this (hehehe). That’s got to be pretty powerful, which makes me interested as to how well the move works in actual matches (or races, as the show calls them, which is a dumb name IMO).
horriblesubs_keijo_-_06_720p-mkv_001402-674horriblesubs_keijo_-_06_720p-mkv_001436-880Sweet. Spats. Just my thing. horriblesubs_keijo_-_06_720p-mkv_001439-158Is that.. a background character I see? Don’t think I don’t see you. Wonder what type of Keijo player she is, and her abilities are.horriblesubs_keijo_-_06_720p-mkv_001450-507Lovely. 2 characters that we haven’t been introduced to. Wonder what their skills are like. And they seem to have appeared earlier when conversing. horriblesubs_keijo_-_06_720p-mkv_000427-162  painful_ass_stitch(credit given to NoxBasket for stitch) This makes for a good comparison between chest sizes (although we can only see the chest of 3 characters). Wow, that blondie is really stacked, I’ll admit that (though I personally dislike her).
horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001517-098 Here we have the 3 different instructors for the different player types. From right to left,it’s offense(infighter), speed (outfighter), and counters. horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001535-393_stitch horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001559-833 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001601-960 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001606-637 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001607-870 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001626-704 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001642-614 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001656-699 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001727-959 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001731-605 Lesbian looks more American in this frame than her character usually does.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001739-640 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001750-240 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001753-458 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001758-411 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001758-494 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001758-578 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001803-165 …Could I have made a stitch out of this scene by asking someone? yes. Am I too lazy to do so? yes.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001805-250 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001805-334horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001806-709Dammit,don’t throw your f*cking shirt in the river like it’s dispensable.   horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001820-246 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001829-423 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001833-347 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001841-073 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001841-579 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001843-666 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001844-610 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001847-376 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001848-711 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001850-338 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001852-697…wow, MC can’t even so much as land a fiber of hair on this chick. And this chick doesn’t even look like she’s trying. horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001855-970 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001856-600 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001857-593 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001858-428 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001859-405 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001907-729 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001908-262 Tits to the face. Wonderful.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001911-922 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001912-906 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001917-353 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001918-095 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001928-364 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001928-588 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001928-834 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001929-836 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001930-169 horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001930-460horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001932-027horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001939-230tumblr_ogg59d3dev1up5qwko1_1280Stitch from outside source.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001953-024horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001953-649horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_001953-853MC tries to use her special technique (a.ka.a. hisatsu). Will she succeed (pretty sure that’s obvious by now).horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002008-187horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002017-956horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002025-116horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002025-806horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002027-222I think this move was called “Anal Probe Missile”. Wow, that sounds painful. Reminds me of a thousand years of death (Naruto reference).horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002028-144horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002029-073horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002029-228horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002029-353Jeez, that’s some massive firepower. Looks like her ass armaments really pack a punch.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002037-774horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002050-822leopard-raws_keijo_-_06_raw_bs11_1280x720_x264_aac-mp4_20161111_134432-256_stitchStitch courtesy of SonanGremory.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002102-088horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002118-253horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002136-221MC appears to be weak in a certain aspect. I’m guessing it’s on speed or estimating the distance between her and her opponent. leopard-raws_keijo_-_06_raw_bs11_1280x720_x264_aac-mp4_20161111_134945-745_stitchStitch courtesy of SonanGremory.horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002154-161horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002155-928horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002158-031Looks like Sayaka gets to try out the UMT in the next episode (and shows her big breast complex in the process).horriblesubs-keijo-06-720p-mkv_002336-964And here we have the end card. Enjoy.

Credit given to NoxBasket, SonanGremory and outside source(s) for the stitches.



Well, this episode was enjoyable, but it certainly didn’t get my blood pumping. It did allow us to see more of the elite class, which in itself is a good thing. What I’m interested in though was the background characters. They’re elite class, so they must be good. I don’t have much to say, so only a few things before I leave. First, thank you NoxBasket (for practically all of the caps), SonanGremory, and ScissorMeTimbers for helping me out. I appreciate it. Second, please check out the fapservice chat server on Discord when you can (if you’re willing to). I’m sure there’s plenty of users there that appreciate the useful and sexy content uploaded there (and hopefully you could help to contribute to that). That, and many of us writers are usually there to communicate with you if there are any concerns or you just want to have some fun (even if Discord thinks Sanya is often playing an MMORPG). With that being said, sorry for releasing these reviews so late. Unfortunately, they can’t be made in a jiffy, and problems tend to occur on my end (I’m looking at you, Potplayer) or on the end of fellow helpers (though really just on my end) that severely inhibits our progress. Nevertheless, we make an asstastic effort to release these reviews within a reasonable amount of time for your enjoyment.

For those of you that were all “TL;DR”, I don’t blame you.

‘Till next time!