Getsuyoubi no Tawawa S1 TV Fanservice Review Episodes 04 – 06 [UPDATED]


Boobs that good MUST be groped!!!  So says Ai-chan’s BFF (Best Friend Forever)…


[UPDATE1] The good news is that a second season of Tawawa just started airing for Fall 2021!  AND there will be fanservice reviews just like for season 1!!  Hopefully those will start next week and will cover two episodes at a time every other week.  Then the week in between in between will be used for updating and finishing season 1 reviews.  *fingers crossed*  The bad news is that time hasn’t been kind to the existing season 1 reviews due to changes in video hosting and more.  So this review has been updated, including redoing all webms in a higher video quality.  If you are a collector, you really should download the version 2 webms since they are significantly better than version 1 webms.



The short synopsis was Boob Bounce the anime short. Does that still hold true for episodes 04 – 06???

For additional info on this ONA anime short, including the creator and a plot synopsis please see Getsuyoubi no Tawawa TV Fanservice Review Episodes 01 – 03.

Episode 04

Lethal weapon sighted.  Ai-chan’s sleeping face that is…


005-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 009-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 010-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap

Too bad.  Too dark.  Would have been nice to see pantsu…

011-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 012-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 015-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 016-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 017-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 019-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap

021-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 023-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 024-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 028-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 029-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-stitch 032-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-stitch 034-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap

What a great view…


038-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 040-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 042-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 043-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap

How can a straight male ever so no to Ai-chan when she can make a face like that???

045-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-stitch 046-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-stitch 047-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-stitch 048-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 049-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 051-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 055-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-stitch

056-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 057-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 058-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 059-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 060-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 062-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 064-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap

What a sexy face…


Oh nice.  Waitress uniform!  And it’s close enough to a maid uniform for horseshoes…

067-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 068-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 069-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-stitch 070-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-stitch 071-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-stitch 073-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 074-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 077-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 079-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 080-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 081-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 084-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap


Maybe, just maybe, we’re back to being Boob Bounce the anime short…

087-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 088-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 089-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 090-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 091-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 092-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 093-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 094-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 095-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap 100-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-04-snap


This episode needed a little more boob bounce so here’s some from the ED that I was able to loop:

Episode 05

001-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 003-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 004-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 005-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 008-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 011-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 012-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 013-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

Arm pit closeup with a peek of bra.  Heh.  Is that a fetish?  Wasn’t expecting that…


015-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 017-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

What a view.  What a face.  How can you say no???

019-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 021-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

023-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 024-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

Sleeping Ai-chan alert!  Nice lower bod!!  Can see pantsu too!!!  First time…

026-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 027-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 028-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 029-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 032-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 034-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 035-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 036-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 038-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 039-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 040-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

One of my favorite stitches that I’ve made from Tawawa.  Ai-chan is irresistible…


But let’s not forget where Ai-chan’s best assets are…

042-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 047-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 051-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 052-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

053-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 056-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

What is Ai-chan doing?  Lucky stiff…


061-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 062-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 063-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 066-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

Ai-chan came???

067-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 068-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

Ai-chan’s BFF enters stage left…

070-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 071-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 073-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap


And it doesn’t take long before BFF gropes Ai-chan.  Ecchi fans have found the MVP of Tawawa…

077-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 078-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 079-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 080-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 081-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 082-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 083-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 085-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 089-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

Had to try to loop this webm.  HAD too!  Awesome is the word…

And BFF is just getting started!  ?  HAD to make as many stitches as I could of this scene as I could including frames with blurring and ALL the boob positions.  Not easy to make most of these stitches but great stuff!  Enjoy…

090-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 091-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 092-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 093-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 094-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 095-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 096-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 097-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch

Must watch TV…  ?

And again.  Way to go BFF, you MVP you…

098-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 099-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 100-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 101-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

Funny scene.  Which bra is Ai-chan wearing???   🙂

102-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 103-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 104-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

… and it’s a pink bra FTW!   😯   OFC Ai-chan looks fantastic in a bra…



107-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 108-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 109-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 110-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 111-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 112-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap

Too funny.  Do Ai-chans boobs really weigh 5 kg???   😯

114-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch 115-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch

116-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-snap 120-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-05-stitch

Episode 06

Random OL (Office Lay).  But sexy as f*ck in a grown woman way.  Too bad we never get a real good look at her.  Dem lips…

01-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 02-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 03-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap

And Kohai-san is back.  Welcome back…

04-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 06-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 05-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 07-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap


08-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 09-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap10-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 14-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 11-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 17-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 16-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap


It just got hotter…


21-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap22-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 23-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap

She’s drunk.  Do you look at them?  Do you touch them??

25-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 26-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 27-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap

Even the back lot has a nice view…

28-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 31-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap32-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap

Lucky neko…  I was able to loop both webms.  Nice…

34-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 33-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap

36-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 37-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap


Her boobs are even bigger than Ai-chan’s.  Best of show so far…

41-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap43-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap44-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 46-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap

47-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 49-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 50-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 51-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 52-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 53-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 54-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 58-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 60-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 61-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 62-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 68-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 65-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 70-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap 69-getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-ep-06-snap


Once again, the mangaka seems to like using blue a lot and some of the fan artists also use blue for their artwork.

getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-04-06-omake-01 getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-04-06-omake-02 getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-04-06-omake-03getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-04-06-omake-04 getsuyoubi-no-tawawa-fr-eps-04-06-omake-05


Boob Bounce the anime short…  *drops microphone*  *picks up microphone*  *drops it again*

The pattern seems to be to go overboard with boob bounce in one episode out of three then back off on the other two episodes.  But there has been some boob bounce in all episodes so far.  And in the ED too…

I wasn’t expecting the creators to go as far in episode 05 as they did.  Several firsts including bra, pantsu and groping.  Well played.  Ecchi fans appreciate it…  XD

I’m not usually a fan of ecchi anime shorts.  Especially if the running time is less than eight minutes.  That leaves only enough time for one major point and it’s usually not the ecchi that gets featured.  But Tawawa gets it right.  For roughly five minutes of running time, the main attraction is boob bounce and the creators feature as much quality and quantity of boob bounces as they possibly can in those five minutes.  Well played.  Well played indeed…

It’s a shame that there isn’t more and heavier ecchi including more underwear and skin.  Hopefully there is or will be heavier ecchi in the manga.  The creator is a hentai artist after all…

Ecchi fans might want to check out Tawawa this season.  Especially if you can appreciate busty boobs and boob bounces…


A tip of the cap to Hestia (@Hestia#8754) on the fapservice Discord chat server for finding and sharing the fifth and last piece of omake above.

I wasn’t expecting the creators to go as far as they did in episode 05.  Great episode.  Several first sightings including bra, pantsu and boob groping.  Some great stuff even if pantsu scenes might have been better.  Well played.  And Ai-chan is sexy AF…

It’s a bit surprising how the shows with the best fanservice this season seem to be anime shorts.  They have more fanservice per minute than all of the full-length shows this season.  If you’re an ecchi fan and you usually skip anime shorts, you really should check some of them out this season.

Finding HQ raws or rips on a consistent basis has been a challenge.  Tawawa hasn’t been picked up by any of the major fan groups and each week, the most HQ versions seems to have been uploaded by somebody different.  Both video quality and image quality varies.  Sorry about that…

Not all of my HD WebMs were included.   For the rest and for downloading, you can find my album here: 04, 05 & 06.