Keijo!!!!!!!! Fanservice Review Specials 4-6

Xebec Suppositories, DBZ Shenanigans, Gate of Bootylon, and an ass massage. Typical Keijo stuff.

We’re back, with Keijo this time. Just in time for the summer season, too. Been a good while since my last Keijo review, but this will finally be the last one. One less series for me to worry about. This time, the service comes down to asses pressed against metal bars for the 4th special, ass massages for the 5th special, and an exploding swimsuit, as well as some variety of eye candy. Overall though, the service is meager compared to what we got in the main episodes. Basically, just standard Keijo service.

There were some BD changes I noticed, especially the MC’s swimsuit getting randomly fixed in the episode 12 flashback, which was redrawn to have the swimsuit torn again (just go through the episode 12 review if you don’t know what I’m talking about). I didn’t want to do BD changes for Keijo though, so I decided to not make a webm for it, as then I would feel bad for not including the other BD changes. Ultimately, the service in this series doesn’t make me want to cover the BD changes, so I’ll just leave it at that. If anyone feels compelled to cover it, by all means go ahead, but this is the last thing I’m covering for Keijo. I’m going to transition out of covering shows in articles once I eventually finish Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism. Shows can be fun to cover in article like this, but I don’t want to keep at it much longer. The work required to make the media just draws me away from it, not to mention I don’t have the drive to do it when my interest in anime isn’t the same as it once was. I’d prefer to cover manga comps or anime comps personally, since those are quicker and less work to handle when making an article of it. Less formatting of text, no gfycat plugins to deal with thanks to random updates, and way less text to type up. Oh, and no need to deal with gfycat changing the library and album layout (even making it so that some of the album links on the site ended up dying). My respect goes to the writers that continue making articles like these, though, however difficult it may be to make the stitches and other media (really just the stitches, though, as making the other media is more straightforward).

Anyways, on a more positive note, hope you enjoy the service here. Not a lot to go off of, I know, but it’s better than nothing.


Special 4:


Special 4 stitches:


Special 4 Webms:


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Special 5:

If you’re wondering why there’s suddenly black bars in these images, it’s because they cut to a short suppository advertisement with everyone’s favorite sensei (and former Prize Queen) back in her prime. My favorite part in this article personally, since it gives us service from a character we don’t get to see much of (in her prime, of course). Also, the clip went for a slightly grainy look to make the commercial look a bit aged (same goes for the black bars; supposed to play on the fact that aspect ratio’s for TV’s were different back then), so unfortunately the quality for the media of this commercial is a bit subpar.

Heh, gotta love that Xebec logo on the top right of the box. Wonder how much these suppositories would go for if some had actually been made. Not that they would have helped Xebec after it got fucked over, though. No idea if they’ve been working on any relevant projects after they got sold to Sunrise. And yes, that terrible joke was about the only thing I had to look forward to writing in this article.


Special 5 stitches:


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Special 6:

Kinda made me glad to see them fix this slip-up. In the TV airing, she magically had her bra intact right after the match ended (here’s a cap from the same scene in the TV airing). The set of media after this isn’t a flashback, though.

For anyone that’s interested, this is the sister of Kazane (the GoB ripoff girl). Of course, the majority of this special is a dream sequence, so none of this actually happened, unfortunately (I’d like to joke that she dreamt about her swimsuit being properly torn because it remained magically and erroneously fixed on the BD episode, but fortunately, I would be lying, as they did actually fix it when I went to check). Also, from what I read on the wiki, her sister doesn’t actually play Keijo, nor have anything to do with it. Pity.

Found it funny that, for the cap above, they just changed the swimsuits on the unconscious opponents from the earlier shot, changed the background to a black screen, and called it a day.

Special 6 stitches:

This stitch was personally the worst of the bunch. Because the background’s movement doesn’t remain consistent with the character art’s movement, it became hard to make a good stitch of this. Thus, I included two versions. The one up above, I made entirely with MS ICE, which ended up with some breakage in the pillar. The one below, I made using both MS ICE, and some crappy attempt to mask the MC’s hair antennae, which still turned out terrible, with the background even getting messed up, in particular the clouds (below). I’d take fog or auras from a pan shot over these instances in pan shots, as those at least follow a pattern with the shape of the aura (you just have to follow the shape of the aura/fog, and look for a similar shaped one in the set of caps you make, and then try finding the next cap, which should be spaced away the same number of caps as the first two, and presto, you’ve got the caps to make the stitch).


Special 6 WebMs

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EDIT: Here are the BD Volume covers for volumes 4-6. Forgot to add them while writing this article. My bad.



Volume 4 cover


Volume 5 cover


Volume 6 cover


Next in line is the Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism OVA. That one should have better eye candy than what this article had to offer. And… more.. fucking… stitches… Coupled with steam for double the pain. This is gonna be one hell of a doozy to make. Since I usually received help in making media when it came to stitches from bath scenes back then, I didn’t normally have to worry about minor stuff like this. Wanted to tackle the difficult media myself, so I avoided asking ScissorMeTimbers for direct help with media this time around. At least I’m done with Keijo, making this my first time finishing a series fully. By the way, nylon66 didn’t cover the BD changes for Keijo when I went to check, so unless there’s some other guy out there that actually did cover them, you’re shit out of luck.

Ok, article complete. Shoo, go away.

200 saint quartz later, and still no Sherlock. I still have one more shot with 10x summon when the 7 day login streak ends, since they’ll be giving us 30 sq at the end of it. Got Moriarty and the Sherlock formal outfit CE as my catalysts, too. Not that I got Moriarty because I wanted Sherlock. I actually like Moriarty as a character for being a math genius, not to mention a very cunning schemer. That, and his Andrew Scott rendition was just spectacular (honestly what made me grow to love the character). I haven’t read the novels though, but I might at some point before I roll over. I need Sherlock so I no longer have that bitch Jeanne as my only ruler. And because he’s kickass. If anyone out there’s rolling for him, good luck, and if you plan to roll for the guaranteed gacha, I hope you get who you want.