Keijo!!!!!!!! Fapservice Review Episode 1


Before starting this review, I’d like to briefly introduce myself. I’m Anon, and I decided to use this name because it’s very unique and offers me a sense of individuality. This is my first review, so please go easy on me.

Since this show (or at least this episode) focuses more on action than it does on ecchi (if it did focus on ecchi, though, then that’s surprising, since the show felt too intense to work up a boner from), I decided to narrate the review in a manner more suitable for the show, with a unique style (I used Luigi’s reviews as a model to more or less understand how to narrate a review in a dramatic manner, so I could try to make the article entertaining. Much appreciated, Luigi.)

For anyone that doesn’t know the premise of this sport, I’ll go ahead and briefly explain it: each participants must knock out the other players by pushing them off of a platform floating in the center of a body of water, but are limited to only using their body (which is essentially just their chest and rump) to accomplish this. With that out of the way, it’s time to begin the review for Keijo!!!!!!!!

We start off the episode with a finely-shaped ass. What better way to start the episode of an anime about battling through the use of your body than booty?


A finely shaped ass such as this wouldn’t be complete without a pair of titties to go along with it!



And here, we have the MC, Nozomi(black hair), and her friend, Sayaka(white hair.)


An ass so nice, you have to see it thrice.


Just going to make a statement now. This does not, under any circumstance, prove that asses are better than tits.


K.O. Looks like the gray/black haired girl won this match. Can’t wait to see more of her(and her nice ass) in future episodes.


Credit given to Aikaflip for the stitch above. Now it’s time to go through the opening. Sure it’s generic, but it still encompasses the essence of a sports anime(I’m a fan of sports anime, provided that they entertain me), and for that I applaud it.


horriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_000117-868 horriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_000119-035horriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_000120-287


So many rivalries… I am SO looking forward to seeing these occur!


But wait… here’s my favorite part…


I don’t know why, but I found this to be such a turn-on, even when I’m more into tits than ass. Which is why it looks even better in gif form(or webm, for that matter)!


Here comes the blond molester…


Lucky… I want to cop a feel too…


Jeez, look at the size of those muscles… Well, I guess it wouldn’t do to exclude the catering of the portion of our readers that like to see some muscle in their women. To each their own, and all that.


Do I detect a look of smugness?


I’m interested to see what this chick has up her sleeves(not that she’s wearing any). I’m keeping my eye on her. :eye:

horriblesubs_keijo_-_01_720p-mkv_000956-893_stitchhorriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_001004-479 horriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_001005-900

MC takes the initiative, followed by a phat serving of ass to the face(wonder what that feels like…)!



Brown-haired side character’s moves are no match for the MC. She’s just too evasive…    On the other end, we have Sayaka fighting her own battle.


Back to the MC’s end…


Even if she’s a gymnast, the MC must have some STRONG legs to jump that high…         And to follow up, the MC, being the initiative-taker that she is, attacks her opponent while she’s distracted.


I wonder if taking that attack head-on(hehe) would be worth the trip to the hospital?


And with that, the MC eliminates 2 players. Nicely Done!


Meanwhile, Sayaka also manages to eliminate 2 players.


That butt-ripple can be captured in all its glory through gif/webm form.


Looks like the MC’s in a pinch… This doesn’t bode well…


And in comes the crafty professional…





horriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_001213-523horriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_001230-499 horriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_001233-168horriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_001238-424

Rape face: activated


Here are the remaining players, though I doubt anyone here really cares. I’m wondering who took out the muscular girl…


Pretty much walked into that one…


Oh sh*t


And her trick is revealed to be [SPOILERS] attacking the front of her victim’s jaw to rattle their brains and cause them to go unconscious(kind of like a concussion)



And on Sayaka’s end…


…We have an intense-ass battle(or is it an intense ass-battle?).


This doesn’t bode well for the black(or purple[?]) -haired girl…


Nice Dodge!


Am I seeing this right?!


Pseudo breast expansion. I like it.

…which turns out to be her ass. And down goes then black/purple haired girl(geez, I’m colorblind).

Back to the MC…


Things aren’t looking so well for her… She’s getting dominated…


Time to go on the offensive!


Me likey!


Shit’s getting real!


MC is maintaining her own ground(surprisingly).



Well, I’m at the edge of my seat here…

MC is managing to stay toe-to-toe with the pink haired girl, but it looks like she’s gradually being overcome.


Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this…



Just as MC tries to go back to the offensive after both regain their posture, the pink haired girl takes the initiative on her. Uh-oh…

horriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_001534-684horriblesubs-keijo-01-720p-mkv_001536-232img_4854                   Jk, this isn’t Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure(though both shows are equally dramatic and seem to use similar sound effects.)


Most likely what’s on MC’s mind at this moment (not really): “I can’t give up here… This is only episode 1… And it’s a flashback too… I’m way too important to lose in the first f’ing episode…”(Hack mode: on! JK lol, as if.)


Still manages to somehow (unrealistically) dodge that attack(Physics ftw). I-I mean, MC true skills are brought out at the last moment. Much wow!


MC counterattacks promptly(teach that cunning bitch sly professional the taste of defeat!)


Time for the finale! It’s do-or-die!


Well… this wasn’t in the cards…




Overused scene of chinese cartoon anime character sinking in water? :white_check_mark:(other examples include Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero, Haruka from Free, and most obviously, Naruto from… do I even have to say it?)


I honestly like how the image above looks. This anime is good enough to use in an AMV IMO.


I got bored afterwards from the rest of the episode, but the anime’s looking good so far animation-wise, direction-wise, and color-wise. I like how the outline lines on the character are more thick  in some parts. It’s a technique that I don’t see too often, so having it being used in a recent anime is refreshing to see.


Here we have the side characters/roommates of the MC and Sayaka. The one on the top is Non(That’s her actual name, which sounds ridiculous if you ask me), a girl with an rural dialect. The one in the bottom is Kazane(*cough* Gilgamesh *cough*), who isn’t much for words.


Sure you weren’t…


Gee, I wonder why… Only God knows, I guess…


This’ll never get old… :joy: I’m trying to wonder what voice I should imagine that being said in (Personally, I imagined it as an African American voice).


Ahahahaha:joy:, Kazane’s face in this picture cracks me up every time! Just look at how dark her eyes are XD! Meanwhile, the MC’s face is just in shock, which makes this even funnier to me.




And now, it’s time to go through the ending.


I don’t even know what to say about this matter of gas forming an ass (I really wanted to fit that rhyme in there, give me a break).

Since you were able to bear through this extensive and tiresome review, a reward is in order. I present you with a splendid end card of the curvaceous MC, Nozomi!


My thoughts on this anime? chairman1

I was expecting this series to carry some sort of an intensity at times that prevents me from working a boner to it, and that’s been true so far. However, if the show manages to give me a boner again (the first one being caused by Sayaka tightening her swimsuit, which, dare I say, was sexy as hell), then I’m more than willing to fap to it. I recommend this show, ESPECIALLY if you’re an ass man.

Special thanks to Aikaflip, ScissorMeTimbers, NoxBasket, Luigi and Wizardofecchi for the support. Furthermore, my gratitude is offered to Everything Dies for his “emotional support.” I couldn’t have done anything without all of you. Since I’ve got no more to say, I’ll be taking my leave.

P.S. I know it’s a bit late to be asking this, but did anyone make it through No Fap September?