My Lovely Ghost Kana manga fanservice compilation


A ghost story that will give you a heart boner from feels instead of a heart attack from fear.


Published back in 2006 in Doki! magazine and authored and drawn by Tanaka Yutaka. The story is focused on the romance between the main character and a ghost named Kana. The main character having lost his job and house rents a cheap apartment in an old run down building said to be haunted by the ghost of a girl who previously lived there and committed suicide. The two fall in love and so begins the story of a romance between a living man and ghost woman.

As one would expect from a romance story all the sex is happy vanilla sex which is a plus. There is also plenty of it as well considering the creator’s main manga works are hentai and it shows which is good for us as it means plenty of fanservice. The manga is only 3 volumes which is a shame as I really would have liked to see it continue on for much longer since it was in no way getting stale and could have easily pushed out some more volumes especially since there were some things never explained.

The circumstances surrounding Kana’s suicide was never really touched on too much so all we really were told is that she was a previous occupant and killed herself for some reason. The glasses girl Utako that moves into the building later on also could have been usable for more story as her past also was only given small mention with some things not explained about her. So there was still plenty more left to work with for ideas to continue the story on.

Overall all the characters are likable and the story does a good job of keeping interesting. Considering the themes in this about depression and suicide this is probably a good manga to make someone who is depressed read. The main character is going through his own depressing problems at the start and even implies to be considering suicide because of it but meeting Kana gives him a new outlook on life and she too begins to regret now being dead after meeting him. I guess that was the message of the manga that no matter how bad your life may be or how much you want to die to just keep going and one day you will meet your own Kana making you glad to still be alive so you can enjoy all the things there is in life together.

My Lovely Ghost Kana:  3 volumes (Complete)


Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3


I wonder how long it will take for someone to comment with “ghost blowjob! woo-woo!”