Keijo!!!!!!!! Fapservice Review Episode 2


A Vacuum Butt Cannon?

Wizard here, pinch-hitting for Anon this week.

Episode two is out, as you can see below. It’s more of the same from episode one, with some over the top female butt ‘humor’ worked into the training sessions during the episode’s first half.


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This episode continues the moe-ish themes and keeps the service more playful and ‘humorous’ rather than be straightforward and erotic. This show felt it had to choose between making body parts sexy or making them feel harmless and non-threatening to casual audiences. So far, it is the latter train of thought that is winning out. If not for the confirmed existence of Keijo!!!!! BD specials, I’d be panicking a bit about the service potential right now.

At least the end card (final picture) finally gives us a well drawn, sexy backside. It’s too bad the entire show isn’t like this.

Overall, the production values and storytelling quality continue to be some of Xebec’s best (and that is saying something). The series is almost boring but never quite, and the polish makes it an easy way to spend 23 minutes each week. I just wish the service was more erotic and less ‘comedy’ driven.

I still expect nudity since the manga had it, and this is Xebec we are talking about, but at this point a nude scene is probably going to feel really strange, given how (unintentionally?) non-erotic the show has been to this point.

I don’t expect it in this show, but it would be nice if a nude ecchi anime could do the ass justice more than once every three or four years. Most don’t know how to draw them, while non-nude shows draw amazing ones. Sometimes it sucks being an ass man.

Despite my negative tone, I do find this series to be impressive so far, I just wish it were sexier.