Kemeko Deluxe! BD Fanservice Review: Episode 1

If there is a female version of Iron Man, will this be how she looks like? XD

Hi everyone!!¬† This time, I’ll be introducing you guys another anime with many elements inside it such as school life, mecha and also FANSERVICE!! (^^)b Although it is an old show, I happen to watch this anime and found that this anime is really worth reviewing especially for its fanservice.

Lets get straight to the topic by giving an introduction first. The story begins with a high-school boy, Sanpeita Kobayashi with a hair-style like Ask Ketchum dreaming about his childhood friend 10 years ago. The girl promised to become his bride and then fed him a mysterious orb.

He woke up only to find that his room was invaded by spaceship, robots and a chubby girl, Kemeko who claimed to be his bride. XD

Sanpeita was shocked and he quickly get ready to school while his mother the spectacle girl, a manga artist was too busy working downstairs and wasn’t bothered about the sound from upstairs. Sanpeita was later greeted by another childhood friend and classmate, Izumi Makihara.

While in school, Kemeko appeared again in Sanpeita’s classroom. While being confused, Sanpeita went up to the top floor remebering the girl from 10 years ago.¬†Sanpeita at first doesn’t believe that Kemeko is his first love, seeing as they look nothing alike. After he was attacked by unknown robots, it was revealed that Kemeko is in fact piloted by a pink-haired girl named M.M., who greatly resembles his first love.

After that, Sanpeita was confused about what is happening around. (We are also confused about the story too as there seems to be many loopholes in the story development but the fanservice was there) XD

Upon waking up, the girl piloting Kemeko immediately rushes to search for her robotic armor. As she managed to find Sanpeita and her robotic armor, Kemeko, the unknown robot from the beginning shows up and attacks Sanpeita again.

Upon piloting Kemeko again, Mei immediately defeats the robot and saves the class from being destroyed.

It must be a rough day for Sanpeita but things are only getting started. As he arrives at home, Kemeko was there again. XD

That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode but please stay tuned for the following reviews for more fanservice and the absurd things that was about to happen. Thanks for reading everyone and hope you all are enjoying the fanservice too. Till then, stay tuned and have a great day everyone!! (^^)v