Kiss x Sis OVA Episode 9 Fanservice Review

the weirdest episode of KxS…or kinkiest, depending on your preferences

A return to the KxS OVA reviews, a project I picked up eight months ago from a writer who is no longer around (similar story with Nande koko, Funny enough). Hopefully can finish it up by the end of the year.

Each KxS episode has a different fetish. This one features armpit licking and sweat drinking. Totally not my kink, but I’d be lying if I said this episode didn’t pique my curiosity.

Ako goes first, as is (usually) tradition. The saying of “saving the best for last” reinforces my theory that Riko is the unequivocal best girl.

It is not Ako’s idea for Keita to lick her armpit, unlike every other trap they set for him to spring, Purely a manifestation of his own perverted desires.

KxS is forever non-nude, as you well know, but it does have great bare ass service at least.

Ako prepares herself for round two of the weird armpit licking. With 100% more groping this time.

Not to be outdone, Riko initiates her attack. Much more aggressively than Ako.

Under normal circumstances, drinking sweat out of a belly button is a nasty act.

but, if that belly button belonged to your waifu? You’d probably mimic Keita here as hygiene becomes a secondary concern.

Keita apparently faints from lack of oxygen after being smothered by his sisters crotch. Adds up. They continue their intimate relations into the next morning. Best girl gets the best scene,

The last KxS review was in like February. Hopefully (doubtful) reviews are consistent from here on out and I don’t get distracted by another series I’m interested in (impossible) so that I can finish this out by the end of the year.

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