Kemeko Deluxe! BD Fanservice Review: Episode 11

The fanservice escalated from swimsuit rivalry to bath scene rivalry!! XD

Hello everyone, welcome back to another episode of fanservice review for Kemeko Deluxe!! In this episode, the amount of fanservice increased substantially compared to the previous episode with more pantsu, bare ass and bare boobs!!

The episode begins with Kemeko playing mahjong with Sanpeita’s family members. Izumi visits Sanpeita and was jealous when she finds that Kemeko and Sanpeita are living together. XD

Sanpeita’s mother ends up fighting with her publisher Aoi when she shows up to interrupts their family time together. XD

In order to know more about Kemeko and Mei, Sanpeita went out to meet Vanilla while Mei was taking a bath.

Sanpeita was then kidnapped to the Mishima’s headquarters. Mei heads out to search for Sanpeita while we also get to enjoy bath scene from Izumi too. (^^)b

In the headquarters, Vanilla starts to explaining to Sanpeita about Mei’s past.

I’m sure learning is more fun and effective when sexy teachers is lecturing and sexy girls around. XD Wished that there were teachers like that during our school days, surely we won’t play truant again. XD

Just when Vanilla finished informing Sanpeita about Mei and Kemeko, Mei and Ryoko breached into the headquaters to rescue Sanpeita.

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That’s all for the fanservice available in this episode for Kemeko Deluxe! and we hope that everyone is enjoying the fanservice of this anime. Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone and please stay tuned for the last episode of fanservice review for Kemeko Deluxe! in the upcoming post. Till then, see ya!! (^^)v