Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 2 fanservice review episode 5


Adding an android to your harem.


Most of the service this week is near the beginning and involves Horn. As expected though they didn’t do what the manga did and provide nudity or even a means of censoring that could give hope for BD unless they do redraws. Along with this episode though we also get Rose added into the group so we can start getting content from someone else.


After Diablo jumps into the water to save Horn he gets her out onto land and starts a fire in the cave to dry wit. In order to make the fire he has to burn his clothes while also mentioning having lost his staff in the water. Seeing Horn unconscious with wet clothes he decides to take them off to not only keep them out of wet clothes but to add it to the fire. Since he thinks Horn is a guy he goes to take her clothes off.

After taking her clothes off he sees that she doesn’t have a dick before realizing she is really a girl as she wakes up. After he panics and tells her he took her clothes off to save her she starts sneezing from being cold as he tells her to come closer to the fire.  This is where we should had gotten actual nudity for the first time in the series but of course they avoid it. The manga adaption had Horn naked here in the volume version. Here are pics from it…

The magazine version had it blank but the volume release added nipples. Since they decided to have Horn’s arm covering her it makes it less likely the anime will follow what the manga did and give us nudity on BD. Obviously we weren’t going to get it on air but if they had used the light beam method or something else then we could be optimistic they might be doing what the manga did since that is how the manga censored it prior to the volume release. This method they did however significantly lowers the chance of anything being different on BD.

That is not to say it’s impossible as we have seen plenty of shows do redraws for BD later on but here there doesn’t feel to be anything that could even hint at a redraw to make it on the level of the manga. On top of which Diablo’s comments about her body before he discovers she is really a girl wouldn’t had made sense if he could see her breasts. So that makes me think we have no chance of anything different. Considering that we already have seen them do things like skip Fanis’s bath scene in a previous episode as well as put her in a towel and how toned down the orgy scene was also I would say there is no point in getting hopes up now for anything better on BD.

Rem and the others decide to keep heading further into the dungeon convincing themselves that Diablo will be fine and he and Horn will meet up with them later. Meanwhile Horn has started to sit on Diablo’s lap which he didn’t expect so she can warm up. He asks her why she pretended to be a boy as she tells him she was separated by her parents when she was younger and decided it would be easier if everyone thought she was a guy. They for some reason remove some other background information about her here. In both the LN and manga she tells him that she has two younger sisters as well and the three of them were found and raised by someone with the seeker job class also serving as their teacher thus how she learned to be a thief. But eventually their teacher died a year ago and after this she headed to the tower city while her sisters stayed behind having decided to take jobs working for a merchant but since Horn didn’t like that kind of work she left on her own and became a thief.

No idea why they removed that part about her. After telling Diablo about why she was dressed as a boy she also tells him about how she used to sit around the fire with her family like they are as she calls him dad by mistake. There is another part here they remove as well which is a somewhat important detail about Horn as well and that is her age. In both the LN and manga Diablo wonders how old she really is since the bunny race of people always look young regardless of their age such as in the case of Sylvie who is older despite what she looks. When he asks her she tells him to keep it a secret while revealing that she really is 12 years old.

Just another example of them cutting scenes out but in this case unlike it being a service one like in the Fanis instance this one is actually some character details.

As Diablo and Horn head off to find the others he mentions how they should be fine since he knows what the other floors contain and that each of them have abilities that should be able to finish the floors but worries what will happen when they reach the guardian of the 12th floor. Eventually they come across some enemies which allows Diablo to figure out where in the dungeon they are.

Rem and the others reach the 12th floor and see that Gewalt had gotten there before them and was waiting. He summons his bee summons as Rem calls out her summons to fight. After Gewalt is able to trap all of her summons and Shera’s bow unable to hit him because of his spells he gets ready to kill them only for all of them to be stopped by wind magic as they see a dragon has appeared to attack all of them instead.

Gewalt tries to tell the dragon he isn’t there for the treasure he is guarding as they are attacked anyway. He calls out his strongest summon only for it to be beaten by the dragon and then is attacked himself. Lumachina runs over to heal him saving him from dying though the anime almost makes it look like he still dies but he really doesn’t. They then get ready to deal with the dragon next.

When the dragon sees that Lumachina has the ability to use God’s powers to heal he is impressed while also noting that Shera has a bow blessed by the demon lord and that Rem is the vessel for the demon lord as well. When they try explaining things to him he says it doesn’t matter in the end and still will kill all of them. As he gets ready to attack, Diablo shows up and starts to fight him. After hitting him with his spells the dragon turns to run away since he doesn’t want to die without having had kids yet. As he is running away the door to the next room opens as someone else comes out and tells the dragon his job is to protect the vault and if he is going to run she will do the job herself as she kills him.

As she comes towards the others, Diablo remembers that she is the android he found when making the dungeon and decided to keep her as a maid. He asks her if she remembers him as he calls her Rose and tells her his username from the game as she acknowledges that he is her master and stops her attempt to attack them.

 Touch nothing but the lamp.

After getting inside the vault the others are told that Diablo was the one that created the dungeon as they realize that is how he knew so much about it. They look for the item to cure the disease Lumachina has and reach an ox statue. Diablo says that is it as Lumachina uses it fully heal herself as they see the markings on her disappear as she passes out afterwards.

Since he needs new equipment after losing his old, Diablo gets new clothes while giving some new ones to the others that boost their stats and skills. Shera doesn’t get anything but new arrows as he tells her there is nothing he has that she would be able to equip at her level. As she looks around she sees a ring and asks him if she can have that instead as he lets her. Also they removed the scene of Horn needing to pee and using a holy grail. They left Horn acting like something was wrong before she ran off in this scene but anyone who hasn’t read the LN or manga wouldn’t know what that was about.

They even leave this scene in the manga as well. So I guess this much like the Fanis bath scene is another instance of a scene present in both versions of the source not being present in the anime version.

Diablo notices Rose acting strange as she tells him she is sad that everyone else gets something but her. He then gives her something to put in her hair telling her it is the first item he ever got and she can have it as a present.

Lumachina wakes up and takes the ox statue and tells them they can use that to cure everyone back at town with it. As they get ready to leave Rose tells them it would be pointless to go back to town now as she shows them what is currently happening. They see Fanis and her army getting ready to fight a large amount of fallen heading towards the city lead by the other guy from before. Diablo and the others don’t know what is going on but decide they need to head back to town to save it as the episode ends.

The end card this week is drawn by kekocha whom also does hentai and runs the circle chibikko kingdom you can look up if you want.



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With this episode it looks like the last bit of hope of season 2 deviating from season 1 and having nudity is gone. The manga deciding last year to finally start having nipples in it felt like it could be a hint for the direction they would take with the anime but after seeing how they handled Horn’s scene here it appears the manga will remain our only nudity for the show. That is not to say they can’t change things for BD but at this point based on everything they have done so far and other content removed there is no reason to get your hopes up anymore. Another annoying thing is that it also feels like the show’s budget has vanished as well. It was starting to become noticeable in previous episodes but figured it was just a minor thing for the time being but now this episode was the worst offender of it and that is large static pans. There were a lot of scenes that just don’t have any animation. In fact it feels like the show has started to take any chance it can to avoid showing any and instead use the usually slow panning image when someone is talking to pad out the time.

The real noticeable part though are the fights. Most of the fights feel like they are predominantly static pans now. This episode had a lot of that one repeated looping pan style. Don’t know what else to call it but when they show a character getting ready to attack or in the process of attacking and they quickly pan over the scene multiple times starting out fast and then slowly on following repeated pans. Even the fights themselves don’t feel special now as in some cases now you don’t see attacks hit but happen off screen before switching to a static image of the character with some kind of took damage look. Essentially most of the fights this episode felt like static images now and when there is animation it is maybe once or twice a fight and even then doesn’t feel like a complete attack. Even some other things like when they entered the vault was just a static pan of them entering instead of actually walking. It seems like they are trying to cut as many corners as they can now.

We are only halfway done and it already feels like they have used up their animation budget. Hopefully they are just trying to conserve it for bigger parts later and this isn’t a sign of worse things. Service wise it is hard to predict now what we can expect. We have already seen them cut a scene, tone down another,  and now ensure something remains non nude compared to the manga which makes you wonder what they will do for upcoming stuff. The Fanis arm titjob scene which should be in a few episodes is probably the next major scene we have to look forward to. Since they showed it in the OP hopefully that means they plan on putting effort into it but who can say now after what we have seen so far.

I am seriously already bored of the show and knowing we are only halfway done is tortue. Thank fuck this was only 10 episodes instead of 12. Initially was sad about that but now am glad. This just feels really mediocre compared to season 1 which might also have to do with how pathetic it looks compared to others now. After what Healer gave the stuff on this level is going to seem too weak to care about. It feels like I’m covering a normal show now instead of something with service.