Kemeko Deluxe! BD Fanservice Review: Episode 4

Swimsuits, bikinis even beyond the pool…. 

What’s up everyone!! (^^)/ Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review for Kemeko Deluxe! anime. Whenever it is summer, we all hoped for girls to wear something “refreshing” and swimsuits is definitely something we never get bored of it. (^^)b If you’re expecting bikinis to fell from ripening melons, don’t miss out on this episode!!

This is because when Kemeko is the classroom teacher, she allows the whole class to enjoy at the pool except for Sanpeita. XD

How nice will it be if we had a teacher like Kemeko to allows something like that in real life? That would surely be some magnificent view for everyone!! Aside from randomly enjoying at the pool, different kind of activities were held to make the pool event even more exciting.

Soon, Izumi challenges Kemeko on a swimming competition in an attempt to stop the acitvities which she views it as “unhealthy”. XD In my opinion, it is very unhealthy for Izumi because she’s not showing enough of her ripening melons. XD

In the end, Kemeko wins the competition but wipes out the entire class at the same time with the overwhelming swimming abilities. XD Someone’s glasses falling down from the sky makes the day worthwhile for Sanpeita, having to see bikini falling from those pair of melons.

That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode. Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for the upcoming fanservice from the following episodes. Till then, have a great day!! (^^)v