Kenja no Mago: Fanservice Review Episode 10

This war isn’t really coming…

so it’s time for a flashback, a villains’ deep characterization and another ceremony!

(Unrelated pics that represent how I feel about this episode.)


In the previous episode Shin had finally developed a flying magic and, more importantly, lecherous equipment for his companions (and for our sordid pleasure). So we start back there: Training, training, training!

(Stop blasting mountains! Just give me 10 episodes of this training, please…) (Mei is so excited for the whole flying thing that she put on her riding undies… not like she should show them off…) (Basically “Come on you slackers! It’s my turn!”) (Little sisters are devilish.)


Meanwhile back in the Empire, the Demonoids finally managed to bring down each and every city, castle and towertower. Transforming some of the lowly humans into new Demonoids and exterminating the rest. Then Schtrom says “Good job, guys. Now do what you want while I’ll bore myself to death.” (Admittedly, he may have been a bit more articulate, but that’s the gist.) And an army of Demonoids promptly starts heading towards the Kingdom’s territory.


But if you think this is finally the time for action… well, no.

Answering a question of delicious Miria, we get a looong flashback about Schtrom’s past. Apparently he was an imperial duke, a strong magician and a good person that promoted social rights for serfs and commoners. Therefore he was fooled by a bunch of traditionalist nobles, who kept him in the capital long enough to encourage rebellion in his lands. Schtrom finally manages to come back to his pregnant wife just to find her dead in their flaming manor, with a bunch of commoners happily gloating about murdering her. (We also learn that the person that plotted all this was the Emperor that Schtrom blasted away a couple episodes ago.) The broken Schtrom then just explodes, obliterating in one globe of fire his own manor and gullible peasants and re-emerging as fully-formed Demonoid.


Schtrom’s so cheesy thrilling story moves even his subordinates to redirect the wave of blood-lusting Demonoids in a way to draw out Shin and give Schtrom a new purpose in life.


Back to Shin and his friends: finally we get to Aug’s coronation as royal heir for the Kingdom. But at the high point of the ceremony a messanger arrives and announces a Demonoid invasion of a neighbour state and therefore the King interrupts the ceremony and gives Shin’s special unit (that, mind you, are all still students of the Magic Academy) the order to stop them. And so our heroes fly away, after an embarssing moment in which Shin is forced to decide on the spot the name for his unit: Ultimate Magicians.

(Yeah, Ultimate Magicians is lame…) (…but Lyn approves. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing.) (Dynamic departure!)


Now, since there’re only few images and this episode was essentially uninteresting, here a brief gallery of the first chapters of the manga, so that you will know how this anime could have been if someone at least had tried….



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Overall thought: Ultimate Magicians… well… could’ve been worse… I was totally expecting him to name them Power Rangers or something like that.