Grenadier TV Fanservice Review Episode 8:

An old acquaintance of Rushuna is also an admirer of her bosoms!! 

Hello everyone!! Let’s all continue with the story of Rushuna who stores ammunitions in her boobs!! (^^)/ In this episode, she’ll be battling someone who is an old acquaintance to her.

Meanwhile, Yajiro and Mikkan finds out that this old acquaintance of Rushuna is actually a pervert when lots of “collections” hidden in his ninja scroll. XD They went to warn Rushuna about his agenda but it seems that Rushuna already figured it out.

No matter how powerful the opponent many seems, Rushuna will always gets the upper hand with her “weapons” XD.

At the end of the episode, it did not missed out the opportunity of an onsen bath scene. What a great way of ending the episode. XD

That is all for the fanservice review of this episode. We hope you’re enjoying it and please stay tuned for the upcoming episodes of fanservice review!! Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v