Okaasan wa Suki Desu ka fanservice review episode 6


Playing in the pool with a tentacle monster.


After two episodes of little service we return to getting a decent amount with most of it being during the pool segment. Much like episode 2 there are light beams during certain parts but it seem like this could be trolling censorship for reasons I’ll point out when we get there. Regardless this episode gives us swimsuits and some tentacle content so we finally have some more Mamako service again.

Masato runs off to head to school before Mamako is ready so he can go alone and meet with Medhi who is on her way as well. Eventually Mamako and the others catch up ruining his chance to talk with her alone for long. Medhi and her mom then head to the school together as she arrives to interrupt everyone.

For the class today they are told it will focus on item creation as they are given ingredients to turn into stuff. Since Masato and Wise are combat classes they are unable to make anything decent while Porta is.

Medhi despite being a healer class is able to make things that result in her winning and gaining sp points. Wise notices Medhi’s mom is using her staff again and points out that she is using illusion magic to make Medhi’s food look better than it really is and that she is really probably failing at it like the rest of them. Not believing her Masato goes to eat the food Medhi made to prove it’s not fake only to realize Wise is right and the stuff is terrible.

Mamako decides to do some cooking as well and makes something for Masato to drink. When he says it’s too hot she blows on it before giving it to him. After drinking it they discover it increased his item creation skill temporarily. The teacher points out that Mamako has a skill in which her blowing on stuff grants it special benefits. So Masato takes his pants off as Mamako gives him a blowjob so powerful his stats increase by hundreds. Or at least that is what should had happened. Instead she makes and spits on more food for Wise and Porta to eat and after they gain the item creation boost as well they are all able to make good items and pass earning a bunch of points as a result. Medhi’s mother meanwhile gets pissed watching it and yells at Medhi for clapping at them.

They take all the food they made outside to eat it while Mamako bring containers for them to store in Porta’s bag so they can save it. Shirase shows up later and while taking Mamako’s measurements mentions how she too is a mother and has a daughter of her own. Afterwards she tells them she needed those measurements because of the class that is next and they will see what she means soon.

Masato panics after realizing they have swimming class and imagines what Mamako might end up wearing while he waits for the others. He is able to cheer up after Medhi asks him if he is okay as they go get ready for the class to start. Medhi’s mother than shows up to get attention from everyone with her swimsuit as Masato begins to worry even more on what Mamako will look like.

He begins to imagine what Mamako could be wearing as he sees her running toward them as she takes off her robe showing that she is wearing a school swimsuit. This results in all of the people crowding around Medhi’s mom to now run and surround Mamako instead. I must be strange as I don’t find anything appealing about one piece swimsuits so the one Medhi’s mom is wearing looks much better to me and would had rather had Mamako wear something like that instead.


Medhimama gets angry at losing to Mamako but sadly doesn’t do the right thing of giving sexual favors to everyone to win people back to her side resulting in both her and Mamako competing by seeing who can win over the most people by being the sluttiest. Medhi mutters to herself about how her mom deserved to lose which confuses Masato on what he just heard which becomes important later. Afterwards Mamako joins Medhimama to cheer everyone on while Medhimama just focuses on yelling at Medhi to win. Also the eyecatch in the middle of the episode changed for this episode.

They are told the class will consist of combat players fighting monsters in the water while the non combat players will use the items that drop from the monsters to make items with them requiring teamwork from both groups. Masato realizes he is useless for the most part since there are no flying enemies which his attacks work best on. As everyone jumps in and starts killing stuff they notice that Medhi despite being a healer is able to fight well. Medhimama tells them that she forced Medhi through a bunch of training to make her a fighter as well so she would be better than everyone else.

Masato is finally able to kill a giant octopus which Porta uses to create a takoyaki item set which she says can be used to make bread that cures status effects. While the others join Porta to help her make it, Masato jumps back in the water to go after other monsters.

Masato and Medhi see a giant fish in the water and chase after it. While Mamako cheers Masato on Medhimama yells and berates Medhi to win or she will be useless which results in Medhi stopping and finally becoming mind broke from all the abuse she always gets from her mother.

A tentacle monster appears in the water to grab the large fish they were chasing as they see they have something bigger to fight now. It begins to attack Mamako instead of them and grabs her with it’s tentacles. Disappointingly it doesn’t grab Medhimama as well which feels like missed potential. Considering the swimsuit Medhimama is wearing her getting grabbed would had probably resulted in her losing it plus since she wants to be better than Mamako she would probably want the tentacles to molest her as it would prove she is better. So the scene should had been Mamako being disgusted by getting grabbed due to her being pure while Medhimama wants to be grabbed and encourages the tentacles to molest her more.

On to more important matters though are the light beams. Just by first glance you should be able to tell the oddness in this scene being censored. It’s not like her swimsuit is being pulled off like we would hope would happen so what exactly are they censoring? More importantly we can actually see what they are censoring and it is nothing. The main website posts screens of the next episode as a preview and one of the screens for this episode is the tentacle part the exact same part that is censored here but uncensored in the preview pic. Here is what’s behind the light beams.

So there is no nudity or even nipple impressions through the swimsuit so why the need for light beams other than to be misleading? There is a part at the very end of this scene in which it looks like one of the tentacles goes into her swimsuit but hard to tell. Did they really censor the entire scene because of that small part instead of just only having the light beams appear during that moment? That is the only explanation I can think of to explain the light beams being here when we clearly see there is nothing of note. Assuming the tentacle does go inside her top they must have censored the whole part because of that and in the following scene when we see her cut everything with her sword the light beams are still there because I guess the tentacle was still under her top during that part and just the sight of it needs to be censored.

The only other explanation is BD bait but anyone can see there is no nudity here so if they were trying that it would fool no one. So I would put the “can’t show a tentacle under a shirt” explanation as the most likely reason. Then again who knows maybe they will change the scene on BD to include something justifying the censorship but I’m not expecting something like that and instead will just toss this up to bad censorship decisions to censor something minor.


Porta is able to throw one of Mamako’s swords to her which allows her to cut the tentacles off of her and launch it into the air with her water attack. Masato uses that chance to finish it off since it is in the air like he specializes in as he kills it with his attack.

Even though Masato didn’t kill a lot of monsters the special one he just killed was worth a lot of bonus points and as a result he ends up winning and beating even Medhi for today. Mamako and the others are proud of him and Porta for succeeding by working together while Medhimama bitch slaps Medhi for getting second place and losing before leaving. When the others see this they go over to talk to her as she runs off.


Masato runs off after her to talk as Mamako comes along with him. They eventually find Medhi screaming about her mother and how much she wants to kill her as they see Medhi is one of those be crazy on the inside but normal on the outside types. Masato realizes that all the negative comments he would sometimes hear Medhi mutter about her mother was alluding to this. Since Shirase warned them in the previous episode about the two of them they now know what the issue is that they were both brought there to help solve involving Medhi and her mother as the episode ends.



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This appears to be another wait for the BD type episodes but it’s possible this is all trolling based on what I pointed out earlier. We have seen that a few times the screenshots on the main site for an episode are uncensored compared to what we see on air and that occurs here also. The part that has light beams in this episode we can clearly see doesn’t have anything behind the light beams in that uncensored shot and though there is still a chance there might be something else there during one particular part it feels like a false flag overall. This sort of has me a bit worried about episode 2 as well since we have now seen an example of light beams being used to cover something that doesn’t need to be and worries me the same might apply there also. There is still that scene with Wise in that bath episode though which has less of a chance of being trolling or at least would be harder to pull off due to the lack of anything else being around to be under it but it still just leaves everything confusing on what to expect from this show.

The BD that includes this episode isn’t till the end of November so we will have to wait a few months for answers about this episode. The first BD which includes episode 2 though comes out in a little over a month so our first answers on the light beams won’t be long. They have started to shill for the first BD now a bit since it is close to releasing so hopefully they start posting something soon to answer questions about nudity in advance so we know before than. They did actually post something showing that episode without the light beam recently but since the scene they showed was one with an angle in which you couldn’t see anything anyway it’s hard to judge based on that.

As for this episode it explained what the stuff with Medhi and her mother that Masato and Mamako have to solve is. They seem to be going the parent that always forces their kid to study and be the best and have no time for anything else route I’m assuming. Fortunately they had this be mainly a service episode as well thus allowing it to not be filled with too much drama. Based on the preview for the next episode it looks like we will be getting another bath scene as well. The real question is how different from the previous one will this be. In the other we saw the main focus being on Wise so will we get another person be the main focus this time? The Mamako stuff in the previous one didn’t give too many opportunities so hopefully this one next week will fix that and give us something more definite on the Mamako nudity front. It will probably be another light beams and steam episode of course but let’s hope it makes the BD in November something to look forward to since this episode is questionable on if we should care about the BD since the censorship in this episode didn’t seem to indicate anything of note under it.

Want to know what is annoying? There were a few dojin released at comiket for the show but so far the only one that was uploaded as of now is a shitty ntr rape one. There were some vanilla ones released there that you can find previews of on the dojin database site and toranoana but for some inane reason they haven’t been scanned yet. Also it looks like Pochi released a new artbook there as well with a bunch of stuff in it but haven’t seen scans of that either so far. At c95 last year they released one as well but scans of it didn’t show up on sad panda till around 2 months later. So who knows how long we are going to have to wait for this new one to get uploaded.