Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism Fanservice Review OVA

After some careful observation, it appears that this OVA does, indeed, take place in an onsen. That, and best girl is deservingly at the center.

Synopsis: You, the reader, came here to read this article, and/or skim through the media on it, and therefore, obtained some semblance of a synopsis through it. Or, in a more unlikely scenario, you already watched this OVA, and know what happened. Either way, there’s no need for me to explain anything or say much. Gonna keep my writing brief so that this article doesn’t become any longer. Enjoy.



OVA stitches (credits to ScissorMeTimbers for some of the stitches):

Here’s a webm of said stitch if you’re wondering what it was, or why it was ditched.

This one was worse than stitch 4. Both had shifting backgrounds (they shift at a different rate than the character art, thus not ligning up with it for the entire pan shot), but this one was worse in that the background was more complex, thus it couldn’t be recreated without extensive experience in image editing. And that’s not even including the annoyance that the character shadows/silhouettes posed. Bleh.

Included two versions of this one (included the difference in their filenames.)


OVA Webms:


Album Link




I think this OVA managed to fulfill an important criteria with its fanservice: equal coverage of the characters. Especially since, prior to this OVA, there was very little service for Usagi (and Amou, as her service in the last episodes of season 1 were poorly drawn and lacking impact) in the anime. I originally prepared an omake section in case the amount of media for this article was lackluster, but it looks like that was unnecessary. Oh, well. As much of a shame it is that there’s no nipples (despite this not being surprising given that there aren’t any in the source material; I’m willing to be proven wrong though), a bath episode with so much bare skin exposed was pretty nice, not to mention it was nice that they managed to include bath-related fanservice of the other characters outside the main five girls. As much as I wanted to write plenty more about certain media on this article or my preferences on certain characters in this series, I’m not gonna ramble anymore so that this article doesn’t get any longer. Cya.