Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism Fanservice Review OVA

After some careful observation, it appears that this OVA does, indeed, take place in an onsen. That, and best girl is deservingly at the center.

UPDATES (10/14/19):

  • Changed the Stitches to JPG. I previously had the frame capture (aka caps, basically the captured frames of the episode) media for the episode in JPG format (since those numbered 86), and the stitches in PNG (since those numbered only 19).
  • Changed the images in the article (excluding the ones in the Omake gallery, which consist of JPG for half of them, and PNG for the other half) to display in JPG and link to PNG.
    – Not gonna take the webms out just yet though, so that I can run a test with this article on mobile devices. I’m gonna keep the webms in the Stitches section regardless of what changes I make to this article, as they will be needed for readers to make sense at to what scenes I failed to stitch, and just those two webms alone won’t hamper mobile devices. Interestingly though, the Senran Kagura Episode 9 Review by IHaveNoName contains 36 webms (3 less webms than the ones in this article), and despite that, the article loads without crashing on my phone (I should note that his media was in JPG just like the majority of the media in this article.)My guess as to why his article seems to load better in similar conditions (barring the gallery in my article, which may or may not be needed to be considered as another variable affecting the loading for this article) would be that he spreads out his webms to be next to where his other media is (ordering all the media in chronological order of the episode, basically), thus not making the device crash from trying to load one webm after the next (as I organize my media by Caps, Stitches, and Webms in my articles nowadays).

    Although this method proves effective in giving the device less immediate stress, as the media of the article usually only loads when the page is scrolled down to where its placed, I will not be adopting this method (even if I may have used it back when I started writing), as even with the webms ordered chronologically rather than categorically, the article will still take longer to load if the media were to reach high amounts (and making all the display images in JPG will hardly help with that; just try loading IHNN’s Senran Kagura Episode 9 article to see what I mean.) Unfortunately, you will have to switch the webms to display in HD when selecting each one on gfycat’s site, as they always default to display in SD.

    To compromise though, since I know some readers would prefer not to open a separate tab just to view webms, I will post a comment in the disqus comments section for each article with all of the webms (they will be in GIF format, and will inevitably look downgraded, so needless to say, don’t download these for media-collecting purposes). These won’t be hampering the page like the webms in the article do, since they will each be hidden in an “open” button, and even with all of them opening, the page shouldn’t crash (result may vary).

    Changed the images in this article to display in JPG and open link in PNG (excluding the Omake gallery, because that requires more work and I’m lazy). Webms will remain in the article for some tests on mobile devices until further notice. Possible cause for articles crashing on my articles may be because they are all bunched up together rather than spread out in the article. Think of it like trying to carry 40 water bottles (I know, you don’t normally need that many in a fridge, but for the purpose of setting the numbers up to be approximately the same as the number of webms in this article, just roll with it) all at once to restock a fridge bare-handed rather than doing a few at a time. Way more likely to fail. Lastly, webms will be in the comments section too under one of my comments (they will be in GIF format though, so please don’t download these, unless you need GIFs over Webms for some reason), so those that like webms in an article can enjoy them (in middling quality, mind you).


Synopsis: You, the reader, came here to read this article, and/or skim through the media on it, and therefore, obtained some semblance of a synopsis through it. Or, in a more unlikely scenario, you already watched this OVA, and know what happened. Either way, there’s no need for me to explain anything or say much. Gonna keep my writing brief so that this article doesn’t become any longer. Enjoy.



OVA stitches (credits to ScissorMeTimbers for some of the stitches):

Here’s a webm of said stitch if you’re wondering what it was, or why it was ditched.

This one was worse than stitch 4. Both had shifting backgrounds (they shift at a different rate than the character art, thus not lining up with it for the entire pan shot), but this one was worse in that the background was more complex, thus it couldn’t be recreated without extensive experience in image editing. And that’s not even including the annoyance that the character shadows/silhouettes posed. Bleh.

Included two versions of this one (included the difference in their filenames.)



OVA Webms:


Album Link




I think this OVA managed to fulfill an important criteria with its fanservice: equal coverage of the characters. Especially since, prior to this OVA, there was very little service for Usagi (and Amou, as her service in the last episodes of season 1 were poorly drawn and lacking impact) in the anime. I originally prepared an omake section in case the amount of media for this article was lackluster, but it looks like that was unnecessary. Oh, well. As much of a shame it is that there’s no nipples (despite this not being surprising given that there aren’t any in the source material; I’m willing to be proven wrong though), a bath episode with so much bare skin exposed was pretty nice, not to mention it was nice that they managed to include bath-related fanservice of the other characters outside the main five girls. As much as I wanted to write plenty more about certain media on this article or my preferences on certain characters in this series, I’m not gonna ramble anymore so that this article doesn’t get any longer. Cya.