Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 7

It’s summer, right?

You know what that means! Mandatory swimsuit episode is here!

This episode starts with Cowtits-senpai (who from now on has a real name, Saki) who is failing miserably in her cooking class like an average tsundere. So she decides to rely on Tejina-senpai (who is happily gobbling down her own cookies). Then they make some cookies for Ma-kun (Senpai had already made some not-safe-for-eating cookies for Assistant-kun, obviously). We also get a remarkable 10-seconds-backstory. And then things get rowdy as usual.

(Finally someone is asking the important questions.) (This is all the backstory you’ll get, be thankful.) (Aaaand, that’s why no one joins your club…) (You can see the obvious evil intentions) (Seems like Ma-kun took the cookies made for Assistant-kun.) (Cookies that just by chance fly away and land in a stratetic place.) (No one really asked, but thank you for the information.)


Then it’s time for some street performance, since the school gave the Magic Club basically enough funds to buy a pencil and a notepad. The “performance” siblings go great… Senpai… less great. Unless you count gathering the wrong type of attentions, in that case she’s the local ruling champion.

(A living statue and her problems…) (I’m sure the old man was won over by her performance… absolutely!)


But since it’s summer… why not hit the pool? Maybe the school pool without permission from the teacher, for some innocent and totally life-threatening magic experiment? Then… let’s go for an underwater escape!

(Putting on the swimsuit before going to school… given her previous experiences is actually a sound choice.) (These two are totally geared up to play around.) (No one really believes she’ll survive a underwater escape with chains, not even Senpai herself.) (I suppose this is their daily routine.) (Senpai is pouting because everyone believes she’ll die horribly, so they make her settle for some “wrists-and-rope-only” underwater escape.) (Still pouting because no one believes in her very well hidden talent for magic.) (Some time later… and should I also point out that Assistant-kun is the only one wearing clothes?) (Trust me, you already had them off for a while…) (PUT AWAY THAT HAND!)


We finally end up with Assistant-kun making some experiments on Senpai (this time not of the kinky kind, unfortunately), to understand why she gets stage fright here and not there. As usual, it doesn’t end nicely.

(She’s usually normal until she makes magic before humans, so…) (Yeah, humans are no good…) (Absolutely….) (Fake Assistant-kun with manly chin and real Assistant-kun hidden behind it.) (Busted…) (And then she barfs… again.)



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Overall thoughts: The show steadily delivers its share of fanservice. Still, I would have liked for them to pander a bit more in the pool scene. 😥