Kenja no Mago: Fanservice Review Episode 6

How to get some knightly guards for your girlfriend..

… and to not be happy about it.

Episode 6 starts with the Emperor panicking because demons attacked his capital while he was getting the ass of his own army handed to him by the Kingdom’s army (that are stronger and smarter because they are the good guys, period). Here, Strom and buxom beauty Vera, now a demonoid, peacefully stroll among the ruins while demons kill and eat citizens. The Empire’s troops run back home ’cause there’s no point in playing war if your subjects are literally eaten in the meantime.

When the empire’s army finally arrives, Strom gets the satisfaction of blasting the Emperor into nothingness without even taking his sweet time to gloat or explain his evil plan (I swear, evil guys are not what they used to be… ) and then proceeds in killing the surviving soldiers. When, days later, the Kingdom’s army marches in, they find not a single living human, but a batallion of demonoids created by Strom, and are forced to retreat.


But really, who cares? I mean, in the meantime Shin and his class experience a way more exciting demon-hunt drill training with the knight-trainees from the Royal Knights Academy. Apparently other trainee magicians aren’t really keen on it since there’s some professional antagonism between the two academies. By chance Shin spills out that he was trained by the funny uncle on the other side of the hill, that apparenly is famous in the kingdom as the Saint of the Sword.

(no shit, Sherlock…)


The knight-trainees are no more interested in getting friendly with magicians than their counterparts and therefore the demon-hunting drill starts off on the wrong foot, and stays that way until a real demon shows up. The knights are conseguently flattened and Shin literally flicks the beast away without any effort. In the aftermath Sicily makes a display of her more prominent qualities, which apparently manage to turn on… the interest of the male knight trainees.

(you are not helping, Maria…) (those guys surprisingly have a lot of fangirls and fanboys) (you can say Sicily managed to enchant the male knights without even needing a spell…)


For very different reasons Shin, Maria and the female knight-trainee are all a bit… angered by the philandering ways of the male knights. But luckily a whole army of demons just happens to converge on the students and Shin, in order to let off some steam, launches a kamehameha on them, also charring the nearby forest in the process. So in a single copyright infringment on Toriyama, Shin manages to eliminate some demons, scare the buzzing knights away from Sicily and her prominent endowments and acquire the trainees’ respect (I’d call it holy terror, but let’s roll with it).

(this is the visual conceptualization of the sentence “stay away from my girlfriend”)


And, as an extra we have a special ending, which apparently should be some sort of music video of the ending, with dancing and singing by a virtual idol (?), which seems to be a cross-media promotion of some sort for the music single of Attouteki Vivid Days (the Ending theme of Kenja no Mago). Really, I don’t know why anyone should be interested in this, but I’ll add some screens for for completeness and because they came out somewhat good. But check out the webm with the clean portion of this peculiar ED for yourself.




WebM Albums: Episode 6


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Overall thought: The plot seems to thicken, in both senses. Stay tuned for more, hopefully the direction started to get why I’m watching this show.