Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 7


I feel betrayed.


So this episode actually did something right and really good but then ruined it with censorship. We get nudity this episode that is anime original and it is nudity of someone that doesn’t even have nudity in the manga yet. The bad news though is that it is censored despite the fact that we had uncensored nudity just a few episodes ago. So this episode which should had been a happy one instead results in rage.

Thinking about getting naked hopefully

Mayu and Anna are talking as Anna tells her that now that Kitsuno and Kichou are both living with Nobunaga she will have to try harder to win him as they see both of them walk into the classroom. Kitsuno tells everyone she is a new transfer student and admits to planning on marrying Nobunaga and telling everyone she is from the past. Nobunaga doesn’t bother saying anything after having to go through the same thing with Kichou before and tells everyone her being from the past is true.


As everyone talks to her they ask about the being from the past stuff and the others confirm that it is true to the class as they got to witness her magically appear when she did. Kitsuno also mentions how she tried to seduce Nobunaga in the bath but he rejected her. Hearing this Anna tells Mayu they need to do something fast to try and win him for her instead.

Get naked for it.

While Nobunaga and Yuri are in the teacher’s room he starts to worry about the tea she brings him as he has now become paranoid about touching things. At this time is when Mayu decides to come see him as part of the plan to get him. When he sees her acting oddly he starts to think she might be sick and goes to check her forehead which causes his powers he has to activate. Mayu then begins to act like she did once before in a previous episode and asks him to touch her breasts again. As he panics at the thought of others hearing this he grabs her to take to the nurses room to figure out what is wrong. He also grabs Yuri as well to come with him since he doesn’t want to be alone with her again after the last time.


Only a monster would deny being able to see them.


If I say get naked here that make it the 24th time I requested it. Seriously go and count it in my posts because I said I would keep track of it and I did.

After taking her to the nurse’s room they have no idea what is wrong with her and why she is acting that way again as she keeps insisting he touch her breasts again. She then grabs him and forces him to do it again like last time.

This is my reaction as well to what is about to happen.


Just as it seems like my post gimmick of calling for her to get naked every episode was about to pay off atx betrays me. Here is the pic from the manga and you can see how this scene is different by giving nudity not present in the manga.

This was the main thing I was hoping to see in the whole show and now I’m told “get the BD” fucking shit. Whoever decided this gets the rope. This is like a reverse version of symphony of the night. You discover you are really only halfway done the game and you get happy that there is more before the ending but here it’s the other way around. The nudity you seek you finally reach only to be told you still got to wait to get it and the goal is still far away and in this case an undetermined amount of months away as we still don’t know a date on the BD. The only good thing to take away from this is at least they acknowledge who best girl is that that have to hold her nudity ransom behind a BD. They must know she will convince everyone to get it while thots don’t so those get shown uncensored on the broadcast version.

Kitsuno and the others see Anna outside the nurse’s room and find out Nobunaga is inside and come in as Kitsuno rages over him touching another girl as he wonders if this temper is what he was subconsciously worrying about with her in the previous episode. At this point Mayu begins to talk differently and even refers to Nobunaga as that name instead of Oda like she normally does as she mocks Kitsuno telling her that Nobunaga liked women like her instead. Nobunaga then begins to wonder if Mayu someone had connections to Nobunaga as Kichou hits both of them telling them that they aren’t acting like proper women that want to marry him.

I will continue to hope for her to get uncensored nudity before the show ends.

As they try to figure out what is going on Kitsuno takes a closer look at Mayu and calls her Nabe Onabe and says that she was one of Nobunaga’s mistresses back then and that she must have appeared now through Mayu. Nobunaga then explains to everyone the theory his sister had about the real Nobunaga’s soul being inside him and when he touches something connected to him his powers call the person tied to it here.

He points out how he thought it only applied to objects but now they know even people can count as well. When they ask Mayu what happened she says after he touched her she started to hear a voice in her head as it started to control her. So they now know that someone else has appeared and can take possession of Mayu when Nobunaga touches her. He then worries if this means even just holding someone’s hand can result in the same thing happening.

As Yuri hears this she starts to worry as she remembers he grabbed her hand when they went to the nurses office and when that happened she also heard a voice inside her head. The voice only lasted for a short time but she worries if the same thing that happened to Mayu is now going to happen to her next now as the episode ends.



Webm Album.



I would had called this episode the best one so far if not for the “buy the BD” bullshit. This episode did what I was hoping would happen and gave nudity that was not present in the manga and of someone that was not nude either but then we are cock blocked. What is even more concerning is the fact that it was censored in the first place. With the previous episode’s censorship it was always things like crotches and that was easily ignoreable considering japan is scared of vaginas so it’s not too strange they would censor crotches and asses even if nothing was there since we see this happen in other shows on atx as well. The real issue is censoring breasts even though we saw them uncensored earlier for another character. The crotch censorship was a given even in parental locked shows but breasts are usually all treated equally with being uncensored.

No excuse for it to be here other than the forced buy the BD shilling. It can’t be an age of the character issue either seeing as how senran just two seasons ago aired uncensored loli nudity on atx. What I really suspect this to mean is that any nudity of characters not nude in the manga are going to be censored deliberately to shill BDs. This is the only explanation I can think of to make sense since Yuri already has been shown nude in the manga so her nudity was left alone. Meanwhile Mayu has not so they are probably censoring it as a way of saying “Hey we have something the manga doesn’t but if you want it you have to pay” so if by chance we get nudity of anyone else not in the manga I’m expecting it to be censored till BD.

After taking a look on retail sites after writing this I was able to find the BD information which for some reason is not mentioned on the main site or twitter for some reason. There will be two volumes released June 28th and July 26th and contain 6 episodes each. They list them as including two versions of the episodes an “all ages version” and “r15” version. So for some reason the BDs will actually include the censored version also in case someone was insane enough to want to see it censored as well. However this could be a good thing as well depending on. Why anyone would want to see the censored version I have no idea unless the uncensored version is so significantly different it makes the two versions of the episodes feel different. If that is true than it might mean we may end up getting redraws as well and that would mean the censorship we see in the show might not be all the changes we will see on BD and there could be more that we are unaware of possibly having a chance of being changed. Perhaps the non nude parts that had hair censoring it will be changed maybe? Regardless this episode will be in the 2nd volume so will have to wait till July to see this one but June should give of us an idea on if there will be more changes than just removing the censorship.

As for the next episode it looks like based on the end of this episode we will get the Yuri one but the question is will they skip the next chapter to get to that Yuri only chapter faster? The next chapter does have an imagination scene with Yuri and after the previous episode’s imagination scene that gives plenty to be interested in but the chapter also gives some more service for the others as well and sort of serves as a prelude to the Yuri chapter which is after. So depending on how they approach this will determine what we will get next episode. If they adapt that chapter than next week should in theory have service for everyone for a small bit while the next week would be a main Yuri one. Or it is possible they will skip right to the main Yuri chapter for next week but hard to say. Regardless of what they do we should theoretically get Yuri service next week regardless and since she is the only one they have shown uncensored so far we may finally get uncensored nudity again then.

There are few things more annoying then when you are expecting nudity to happen and don’t want to zoom ahead too far on the seekbar of the episode you are watching to avoid spoiling it. So you sit and watch in slow anticipation and then they fucking troll you. I have fury. So not only will I probably have to wait for the BD for nudity now but I will probably have it spoiled as a result ruining the impact. Whenever a japanese blog posts stuff we all run to see it since after all there is no way to know when the rip of it might happen and you don’t want to be left behind waiting. So you don’t really have a choice and that bugs me since seeing it in screenshot form kind of ruins the impact it has compared to if you see it for the first time in person in the video as it happens.

Glasses girl needs to get naked counter: 25