Kenzen Robo Daimidaler 12 fanservice compilation

As you might expect, the final episode focuses on story and battles, while sneaking in service at the slightest of opportunities.

DDL:  720p

Alternate stream

There was some sort of announcement for this series at the end of the episode on the AT-X version which has yet to be translated.  It didn’t appear to be for a second season or an OVA, though who knows.  It’s possible it was a promotion for the manga, which is still ongoing.  Immediately after that, there was a repeat of the High School DXD third season announcement from last week.

When time allows later this week I’ll post a compilation video for TV episodes 1-12.


Final thoughts on the series:


Daimidaler  will go down as one of the most offbeat ecchi series of all time.  The only ecchi series in recent memory that even compares might be Kamen no Maid Guy, which was a bit less over-the-top and far less ecchi.

It’s already starting to feel like the “DxD boobs” art style is becoming old news, but art quibbles aside, I liked how this show made fanservice feel consistently fun.  Never creepy, always tonally consistent.  Granted, some of the brazen ecchi behavior in the early episodes took some getting used to.

Early on, this show felt doomed.  Low production values, weird mecha designs, and obnoxious characters.  I’m pleased to say the show improved gradually as it went along in every way, and by the end this was a nice looking anime with mostly likable characters and even featured a few somewhat cool mech battles.

Back in April it was announced that this series will come bundled with a mini-OVA in volume one.   I checked an anime vendor site and as expected this feature will be present on all six volumes.  This is probably just the usual fanservice extra we’re accustomed to seeing.  It seems pretty likely that Daimidaler  will make for a packed fanservice compilation down the road, just like DxD.

Overall I thought this show was okay.  I think the art style and silliness held back how sexy it could have been, and the story itself wasn’t terrible but felt a bit rushed.  At no point did I feel immersed in this anime at all.

I came to like most of the characters, and I respect TNK’s ability to turn such extremely ecchi material into a non-creepy anime.

Given TNK’s recent success I am in no position to lecture them on their methods, but I would like to see them do an anime in the future where nudity feels like a surprise rather than a total given.