Seikoku no Dragonar fanservice review episode 12

Seikoku no Dragonar - 12 (8)

High marks for the final episode, which not only has a rock solid ending but manages to add not one but two extra AT-X exclusive scenes, both containing nudity.

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I’m not the biggest fan of tentacle-rape scenes in ecchi… they seem more like a pop-culture joke than an actual attempt at servicing fans.  This episode at least made the tentacle scene (exclusive to AT-X) worth watching, with a totally unhindered view of Veronica’s humungous funbags.  There were also a few brief nip-slip views during other parts of this scene as well for those with eagle eyes.  Obviously, this was a really nice scene and a good way to make up for an episode that was otherwise going to put the “Type-A” bonafides first.

There was an additional AT-X exclusive scene a few minutes later, this time with Julius and Veronica.  Julius teases Veronica and at one point holds up a picture of their sister Sylvia from the bathing scene early in the series.  No blank boobs this time.  Not that there was much doubt, but this image serves as further evidence that the bathing scene from episode five is going to be pretty awesome on blu-ray.

The episode ends with a cliched but otherwise enjoyable conclusion to the first season.  The door is still left open for a sequel, but enough loose ends have been closed where the show could end here legitimately if C-Station chooses to do so.

So far there has been no announcement of an OVA or second season, but that isn’t surprising since such decisions are based on financial success and the first blu-ray won’t hit stores for a couple weeks still.  It certainly would be nice to see another season, or at least a 13th episode wholly dedicated to “Type-B” material.


Final thoughts on  Seikoku no Dragonar


I am biased.  One of my all-time favorite anime is Slayers, and Zero no Tsukaima is dear to me as well.  I am an easy convert for fantasy-genre romantic comedy with elements of drama.  But one thing neither of those anime did in over 100 combined episodes was show a single nipple, for which I am kind of glad, at least in the case of Slayers.

Zero no Tsukaima flirted with nudity in the latter seasons, but being animated by JC Staff, never went there.  I always wondered what this genre might be like if it combined Zero no Tsukaima’s “Type A” elements with the blatant “Type B” stuff from High School DxD.  My review is biased because both of these genre’s are right up my alley, but I liked it.  It was everything I hoped it would be and then some.

It’s been a really long time since I enjoyed a show on both an anime and ecchi level at the same time to this extent, maybe Shuffle! was the last time… it’s been a while.

I hope this show is successful for many reasons.  Success would mean more episodes of it, and it would mean other companies producing ecchi would take notes on the importance of establishing a degree of “Type A” material to keep the show enjoyable on multiple levels.  In short, Seikoku no Dragonar  was the rare fanservice vehicle anime that still felt like it had some real substance to it.  This show is probably too ecchi to appeal  to mainstream audiences, but it still serves as a bright spot for ecchi fans that have grown accustomed to soulless service anime like Maken-Ki! Two and Samurai Bride.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take service any time I can, but it’s nice to not have to choose service over immersion sometimes.

The first blu-ray hits stores on July 2nd.  I hope it sells well.