Killing Bites Episode 10 Fanservice Review

Killing Bites, doesn’t it?: Part 10: Armored Armadillo Beats Everyone and Makes Weegee Lose His Mind

More nipples than the monthly posters, but less than 7Virtues.

More time than 7Virtues, but more blood than brushing your teeth with a shotgun…

Gentlemen, we are trapped in an enigma, and we have been here since 20xx. We are in a flow of history in which sub-par offerings are getting people to just “accept” what we are given with no greater desire for more or better. Where nipple-less shows about friendship are featured on a website about fapping, where the lead characters don’t even have balls to speak such dialogue as “Heeeeeeey Cunningham, my cunt is aflutter!”

These are dark times…

We are stuck in a world of greater sensitivity, censorship, and moral panic about smut and the twisted souls who enjoy the release it brings. I ask you, what can we do to survive in a world that blames the content and not the individual?

Don’t you just LOVE soyboy game “”””journalists”””” covering things…


Well my friends… I’m afraid I don’t have the answers to life’s greater conflicts and society’s juxtapositions of morality… but what I do have, is a review of Killing Bites episode 10.


This is what you wanted….  r-right senpai?

I know someone out there is only in it for the furry ass.

Doesn’t even feel right taking screens from this, all it is is blood and skimpy clothing, but it’s literally all with have.   wew. It’s at the quarter mark of this show where shit just gets weird man…

but it gets weirder.



Ah, and after sleeping on the job for so long, Badger girl finally awakens… and it seems like she has unlocked a new and rather atrocious looking Deus ex Machina power-up, always the sign of a “”good”” action show………………….



The rest of the episode goes into a flashback, a bit late in the series IMO but hey, I’ll never turn down sexy business suits.


and Holy Fuck, WOW! This show actually remembers what a nude figure looks like, no nipples, but hey my dick was literally flaccid to the floor before so this is great for me.

Biggest disappointment of this series is that when its not killing its budget with crappy fights, the anatomy and art can STILL look good. Look at that picture, it certainly isn’t my bakunyuu fetish, but her figure can literally be considered perfection by about 90% of the ecchi community. This show COULD have been a great “insert animal here”-girl ecchi, but I suppose that wouldn’t sell. Then again, I think I can call right now that this show won’t sell well regardless of what the fuck it does from here.




oh damn, the show actually remembers girls have nipples as well! Brav——





Alright…. I’m good now… Anyways, managing to make it to the end credits nets you a single panty shot, if you want it……..






Know what, this show is simply a lie…

The OP for this show especially is a lie, there has been no development worthy enough to warrant a “MCs who care for each other attempt to grab hands” moment which is so fucking common in anime OPs. The emotion is a lie, the ecchi is a lie considering episode 1 had the only nip slip, and the setting is a lie….

The OP would have you believe the show was gonna be a freak of the week basement fight club with animal powers. No such luck, that might have actually been fun to watch… we might have even avoided seeing CG monstrosities in a closed ring setting, but who knows. I feel like I am losing my mind watching this show.


Where is my mind? Fight Club indeed…  behold the anthem of ecchi betrayal.





Until next time, I’ll be waiting for good ecchi.