The Seven Heavenly Virtues fanservice review episode 8



Angels are watching so don’t be lewd on crowded trains.


Looks like now that character introductions are done we are going to get group episodes now. This one features half the virtues together on a train so we can assume this might be the direction the remaining episodes go with them interacting together.


Michael, Raphael, Sariel, and Gabriel are on a train in order to observe humans. Raphael recommends they do this as it is the best way to see how humans act when put in the situations that crowded trains result in. In other words she considers this a good way to test the worth of humans since they can observe just how their desires work and what kind of people they are.

Gabriel gets mad at Sariel enjoying herself in this situation but since she is so short she isn’t able to do anything to her or anyone else for that matter. So the others have to yell at her to stop acting up for the time being so they can get back to watching the people.

The train has to make repeating emergency stops which leads to them falling into others and smacking them with their breasts. While the others are annoyed at this, Sariel is happy about it which results in Gabriel getting a face full of breasts when she tries to yell at her.

Michael and Raphael discuss what they see looking at the people on the train and how rotten they already seem to be. So I guess we can conclude besides looking for the proper candidate that they need they are also searching for proof that humans are savable and shouldn’t be wiped out. More importantly they should be questioning why none of the men are giving up their sets to them. After all what kind of monster doesn’t give up a seat on a train to some half naked angels. That would probably benefit you quite well later on.

They stay on the train as it makes a stop picking up more people to board. They continue watching and see that people are starting behave now and are boarding calmly.

After watching for a bit more Michael changes her mind about what she said earlier about how everyone probably deserves to be wiped out. Instead she decides it might be best to watch some more and most of the others agree. It also sounds like maybe each person’s candidate might had been with them at the time as well based on what Sariel said. Hard to tell since eyeless males all look the same but if that was the case I wish they had interacted with them more instead maybe even having each angel sit on their candidate’s lap since there were no seats. Regardless while everyone else agrees to observe humans some more Gabriel gets mad again until she is told to stop doing that and the episode ends.


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This episode was the first since finishing the character specific episodes and might give us a hint on how the remaining and possibly BD episodes will play out. Since this one involved 4 of the 7 virtues together we can probably assume that the next episode will most likely follow the same format and will give us the other 3 which would be Sandalphon, Metatron, and Uriel and maybe they would add Michael into that as well to make it 4 again since she is the leader so it would make sense to use her again.

This episode was the lowest service wise since there wasn’t any nudity though you could see some nipple impressions a few times if you looked closely. They probably should had thrown in some last minute nudity just to keep consistent with the other episodes by maybe making their tops fall off from the train making a sudden stop or something. Considering the next episode might have Metatron present whom gave a lot of service in her episode the next one might not have this problem hopefully. Assuming the next is indeed another group episode with the others that probably means the final one will involve everyone together so they might be saving the remaining service for that just have to wait and see.

So if you are reading this you probably already know what I am going to write here. Unless of course this is only your first time learning about these invisible messages in which case go back to my post on the previous episode and look at the invisible message at the end there. Last week I mentioned that someone on 2ch had already known what this episode would be and that it would be a crowded train episode. No idea how they knew as there is no listing of it anywhere as far as I could tell and even others on 2ch didn’t seem to know how he had this information. Also he posted it around the 25th last month so somehow he knew weeks in advance. No idea how he knew and there hasn’t been anything said about the next episodes but kind of surprising it was real. Guess you can believe some things you read online.