Killing Bites Episode 11 Fanservice Review

Killing Bites, doesn’t it?: Part 11: Of the Seven Variety.

1 more episode left after this, remember your bets last week gents, do Badger girl’s panties mysteriously reappear when she becomes human again, or will we be treated to some convenient censorship with a nice ass shot?

Remember, this has been the UNCENSORED airing and we have only seen nips in episode 1.


Let’s do a quick recap of last week’s festivities…

Not gonna lie gents… her giant tongue has actually become kindov a turn-on for me, she’s an evil bitch, sure, but god damn if a girl couldn’t work some magic with a tongue like that…    I know some of you fucks out there agree with me.

That horrific redesign though, not getting used to that. It’s bad enough she’s pulling a Deus ex Machina Naruto-tier power-up out of her animal ass… but when that power-up also makes her animal ass get Hairier? 

No thanks.




Onto this week.

Hey hey, remember the Opening, and how much of a fucking Lie it is?

Remember Getting Anything Remotely Close To This?  I sure don’t…

I made the analogy last week, but having the show be an actual low-fi basement Fight Club would be far fucking superior to what we got. All the nonsense with gene-splicing, shadowy zaibatsus, and fucking giant chess games in the woods is over-complicating shit to a ludicrous degree.

I mean are you REALLY paying attention? Or are you just looking for some sweet T&A combined with animal-girl brawls – the kind that don’t end with the chicks getting fucking disemboweled.

You know what, this show is a Con. It can’t really commit to either Ecchi or Action in a meaningful way, so it just bumbles through Both awkwardly…  Now I know why there were nipples in episode 1, it’s the Long Con, courting the ecchi crowd (us) by teasing us with the “potential” for nipples down the line. We’d be forced to watch and/or cover the rest of the show for the chance happening of seeing another nipple because after all, episode 1 DID have them. Fuck this shit.


This is what you wanted, a girl that requires you to bring a razor on every date, good luck getting to the goods under that forest.

We get it with the animal cut-aways, you wanted to be Terraformars.


Know what, this episode just became watchable for one reason…. how fucking laughable the main villain’s attachment to plants is. Jesus Christ, instead of the drunken step-father “beating up the mother” cliche’, we get the drunken step-father beating up flowers. Holy shit lol, this is too much. Oh my…….

Oh my dear sweet lord…. if the scene already wasn’t funny enough, Armadillo man gets so triggered by being forced to kill trees, he cuts Badger’s arm off with her looking straight-faced as fuck. This show should have been a comedy.

……. guys, I’m not gonna be able to keep it together here…………… I’m laughing to tears.

Badger girl agrees.


Ahh, how this show makes me feel, like I’ve been forced to eat a hairy sandwich…


ENOUGH WITH THIS FUCKING SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jesus fuck, the show must have saved 3 grand on its animation budget over the last 11 episodes by doing these extreme close-up teethy grin shots.  Speaking of shots, remember our drinking game from a few weeks ago? Take a shot.


Here’s your hairy pussy shot….  enjoy


When the dust settles, the last man standing and Champion of Killing Bites…. is the rabbit. I’m out.



The episode concludes with a cliffhanger about Chameleon warriors showing up to fuck shit up… probably the result of zaibatsu treachery……… or some other shit……   I really can’t be bothered to care….



I long for the days when a ecchi could make me Bust you know…   because Bustin’ makes me feel good.   (  .  Y  .  )



Y’all best hope DxD4 blows your balls off… but remember kids, 8 years ago, that’s E-I-G-H-T years ago, the CD for DxD4 (Uno Makoto) helped send ecchi to another level with the simplest of ideas. Different Women Have Different Tits, Imagine That.

Maybe I’m giving the character designer too much credit with how much pull he might have in such things… but if DxD4 DOESN’T have that, it’s a complete misstep. I have plenty of expectations for breast design that DxD may not be able to meet, but with Uno Makoto there at least… I WANT to see those nipples be unique, a little twitching or nipple boners would be appreciated, maybe some fatty realistic breast-motion soundFX for good measure. If Monster Musume can learn from past advancements, than a titan like DxD surely should be able to as well, right?

If not, you bet your ass I will call it out. If people want to think I’m being too harsh by holding modern ecchi to past high standards then tough cookies. I want ecchi to continue to improve all over. This includes both Perversion AND Aesthetics.

Stuff like Shinmai has Improved P E R V E R S I O N over many things from the past, the “core” elements of its scenes are perverted as fuck, but the A E S T H E T I C S in say… something like the new Departures OVA, are actually below the first OVA in my opinion. Individual shots may vary of course, but on the whole OVA 1 looked a lot more “polished” than the recent movie, I think many could see that along with me.

I’m looking for DxD4 to bring a better “scene” game, at least better than season 3 which floundered in some areas. I want stable >Build Up< and >Pay Off<.

Exhibit 1A.


For how to handle your ecchi, see Exhibit 1B.


Don’t just accept what you are given as the status-quo, strive for greater heights.




Until next time, I’ll be waiting for good ecchi.