The Seven Heavenly Virtues fanservice review episode 9



Exercise training with angels.


This episode ends up being the first time we get to see all of the characters interacting together. Unlike last week with just half being in the episode this one uses everyone for what is pretty much a parody of those exercise anime we have had before.


Michael has called everyone together for training so that they are in top shape to better serve their candidates they each have. She also sets up a camera to record everything so the video can be given to the candidates later so they can train as well.

Michael gives everyone orders on what to do and they begin various exercises before telling those watching to start doing the exercises along with them.

They continue on with more exercises and start to get tired from all the work when Michael finally tells them they are about to finish with static squats.

Everyone eventually passes out from all the exercise and Michael informs the camera that this is what they do everyday in order to be prepared to serve their candidates showing how dedicated they are. With that the episode ends.


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Seems like the character specific episodes were the ones they wanted to put nudity in while these past two have just been filler with none in it. Hopefully it is to build up for the final episode next week. Since this one had all the characters in it who knows what the character ratio will be in the last one but it would make sense to use everyone again for whatever it ends up being.

On the plus side this episode did take the time to focus on each character individually one after another for the service it gave in this episode which at least gives us an idea on how future “everyone together” episodes might play out. We can assume the BD episodes will involve everyone so if they follow a similar format to this episode that would mean at least whatever the service they offer in those are it will take it’s time to focus on each individual character one at a time for the service in it so no one is left out. Let’s hope the final episode does something similar and gives nudity of each character in a row in it.

Needs an r18 sex training episode in which we get to see each character fucking their candidate one after another. Michael yells a position and we see each of the 7 in that position with their candidate one at a time. Then she yells another one and the process repeats itself showing each character in that one before switching to another character till we see all 7 in various positions multiple times. Imagine if anime directors thought like me.