Killing Bites Episode 8 Fanservice Review

Killing Bites, doesn’t it?: Part 8: El tej√≥n

The “Rapey Snake Arc” has officially concluded, and with it potentially the best ecchi we will ever get with this action show… an action show with a few ecchi “sprinkles” added on top. This show might be a good time-piece to count down the time until Shinmai Maou’s OVA finally releases. Should be this month, and Killing Bites happens to end in a number of weeks.


Let’s get into it, unfortunately however, my pessimism senses are tingling… let’s hope the show decides to give the ecchi fans some more love this week.

Starting to get annoyed with Badger’s 1-dimensional personality.

I mean… I guess that LOOKS like a nipple bump right?

This is just becoming awkward.

Ah, so they’ll use their uncensored airing for gore but not for nudity, just more confirmation this show was always planned to be action first.

oh, and now we have bunny pissing….. I guess someone out there will like it……………..

Did this dummy just forget she pissed there?

Badger wears practically nothing, so why is the blonde milf the only one with nipple bumps?

Heh, okay, this episode is worth a watch just to see this hilarious CG scene. God damn is it delightfully terrible.

Oh jesus lol, now they are breaking the cardinal rule of bad CG, NEVER have your bad CG interact directly with 2D characters in the same frame.




Time to play a game, I call it the KB Series Drinking Game. Look at the following 3 frames, any time you see a pretty much identical moment (because every episode seems to just rinse and repeat these shots) in the series, take a swig. You’ll be dead of alcohol poisoning before you hit episode 4…




and no, clothed cosplay in the bonus scene does not save this episode, not even the least bit close.



What a terrible display.



Until next time, I’ll be waiting for good ecchi.














You know… I wonder in these quiet moments of wasted ecchi potential, is it simply – Human Nature – to want your very own over-developed tsundere Onee-san to live with you, and stalk you from a distance?

I think so…


Oh well, at least we have a 3 minute long FIGURE ADVERTISEMENT to look forward to this season……………………………..