The Seven Heavenly Virtues fanservice review episode 6


How can one remain chaste when best girl is in front of them?


This week is Gabriel the angel of chastity. So time to follow the virtue of chastity and not be lewd or at least try to.


Gabriel is conducting a search for her candidate while also yelling at anyone for any degenerate sexual activity. While she is doing this a guy sees her but decides to avoid her after noticing how crazy she is acting. Gabriel then becomes aware of him and turns to look and decides he is her candidate and goes after him.

After getting home he gets ready to watch porn when he hears banging at his door. Upon looking through the peephole he sees Gabriel and that she has found him. Wish they had shown us the porn he was about to watch which would had given us some extra service. Especially if they had made the porn he was watching involve the 7sins as a way of giving them a funny cameo.

After Gabriel gets inside she yells at him for trying to watch porn and takes his computer away. She tells him she is going to teach him how to have much better behavior and so his training begins.

Gabriel spends the night bugging him about everything he does because he needs to do everything better than he is be it for health or other reasons.

In the morning he wakes up to see her sleeping almost naked in bed with him. Guessing he realizes he shouldn’t pass up on a chance to have an angel waifu like that since he invites her out.

Since it is his day off he tells her that he will take her anywhere she wants to go because when life gives you a half naked angel girl you don’t ask questions you just go with it. Gabriel tells him she wants to go to an amusement park and he takes her to one and they spend the day happy together with her later falling asleep because of how tired out she got.

After the date is over Gabriel tells him how much fun she had with him today. She decides to use this time to reveal to him that she is a real angel and confess her feelings. Since illicit sex is forbidden she wants to have an actual relationship with him instead since she got to see he is capable of that since they had a date that didn’t involve sex (proving him worthy of being the candidate as well). In other words she wants a relationship that is meaningful and not just focused on sex like so many other degenerates just as you would expect from the angel of chastity. So she only wants happy vanilla sex with someone she loves thus making her all the more best girl and since she represents chastity everyone knows that means she is probably in reality secretly the lewdest as well. So the main guy in this episode through actual dating and taking care of her gets himself the best angel waifu out of all of them. Never stop playing dating sims.


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This episode seemed to be more focused on cuteness than service which makes sense considering what virtue Gabriel is supposed to represent so they probably wanted to keep with the theme. We did still get nudity of her on two separate occasions though so even though she is meant to be a non lewd angel they still knew how to work some service into it despite that. Only 1 more angel left and that is Sariel for next week and then we will have went through all the main girls. Considering what she looks like there could be plenty of service as well. After that we will have the remaining 3 episodes which will be interesting to see what they do with those since all the character introductions will be out of the way and they can focus on something else.

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