Imouto sae Ireba Ii TV Fanservice Review Episode 7:

Fanservice in an imouto fantasy TRPG is a must!! But not with all the censored stuff!! (T_T)

Hi everyone, let’s continue with the fanservice review of this imouto fantasy!! (^^)/ WARNING: Be sure to wear sunglasses, the holy light beams will be hurting your eyes!! (X_X) My eyes were already hurt while doing this review.

The episode begins with Itsuki playing a TRPG (table top role-playing game) with his friends. Haruto was the NPC during the game.

After describing the character that they are playing, the game starts!!

The game started with all of them being in a small town.

Suddenly, some thugs appeared before them. They had no other choice but to fight them.

On the verge of their defeat, Nayuta suggest Miyako to have sex with her to gain more power. (^w^) Enjoy the censored fanservice~

This is a very effective move for stunning all the thugs. XD Now is their best chance to counter!!

Unfortunately, the castle guards came to have them arrested for performing indecent act in public!! Hey Itsuki!! Can you do something to save the girls?!!

Its sad to see them being locked behind bars. A young lady approaches them to give them a task. She’s probably a princess or something. (>.<)

Soon, the girls went on another adventure!! (^^)

They came across a beautiful lake. Initially, they were wary about what creatures that might be hiding in the lake.

They still end up bathing at the lake as it would heal them from their battle. NOO!!! Please don’t censor all the good stuff here!! (ToT)

Suddenly. a monster called the roper appeared and attacked them. Why it wasn’t Suu from Monster Musume?? She would be batter with her tentacles  rape!! (^w^)

Miyako managed to escape the roper using her magic powers.

While Miyako created an opening. Itsuki used his Unlimited Blade Works to summon a weapon the free his sister Chihiro. This is so similar to Fate Stay Night~

He didn’t free Nayuta from the roper as she seems to be enjoying the situation. XD

After a whole day battling the roper. The monster was finally defeated!! The continued with their journey and reach the castle to complete their task.

Upon knowing that they were sent to be sacrifices, Nayuta powered up Miyako again to destroy the castle.

The demon king was destroyed along with his castle. Then they make their way back to stop the evil princess. Wow, she’s hot with her new look!!

By using the Unlimited Blade Works magic, Itsuki summons out the roper tentacles to seize the evil princess.

In the end, the town was saved and the girls was rewarded for their bravery.

Cheers!!! Thats the end of the TRPG story!! This happy ending is really worth celebrating (^^)/

Lastly, thanks for reading the fanservice review for this episode. I know it’s really long, it took me a long time to finish it too~ XD. Stay tuned for the next episode fanservice review of this imouto fantasy!! (^^)v